SNP try to reintegrate Breslin

Councillor Michael Breslin has careered through the SNP Group of Councillors like the skipper of a hunter-killer submarine, surfacing for strategic kills – on his own fleet.

The objective was to destroy the group from within in fomenting the rejection of the doctrine of collective responsibility; and then in weakening it literally by reducing its number by double his worth – in resigning and in openly joining the other side.

The misprogrammed autopilot he had been given, however, saw him surface prematurely, miss a target, and be withdrawn from service in the internal guerrilla force through his resignation.

Nevertheless, ashore, he continued his sabotage by other means and has now seen his efforts contribute to the achievement of the tactical purpose.

The SNP are about to support Argyll and Bute for Change into the leading power position they were themselves given by the electorate in May 2012. They have agreed to put back into power and support, as a junior partner, the force whom they campaigned to replace on the grounds of maladministration.

Many of these recent renegades are of pensionable age with hard bitten local government careers behind – and now in front of them – but the local SNP MSP, who really knows, has assured some of his doubting charges that ‘they’ve changed’.

It’s all a matter of perception, you see. A couple of projections from the sides of the head can be represented as demonic one day and as funky little accessories the next. That’s politics.

Councillor Breslin has been a key agent of unrest and fissuring in the party group.

This has seen it forcibly divided against itself, with the majority visibly controlled from without by extraordinary interventions by the SNP Constituency Association and the party executive; and with a rump clinging like barnacles to the scuppered hulk, still trying to get some purchase on the rudder.

Councillor Breslin’s resignation gave hm a head start in getting to the intended destination before his erstwhile colleagues, now fast tracking in to join him.

He was a founding member of the Argyll and Bute for Change group – which is a bizarre mash-up of:

  • the former Alliance of Independent Councillors – on the bridge;
  • the Argyll First group, sadly wallowing in the bilges;
  • another piece of driftwood from the SNP, fellow resignee, Councillor Fred Hall;
  • a lone independent sailor picked up after losing his compass, Councillor Iain Angus Macdonald;
  • and cargo transferred under the owner’s instructions from the torpedoed SNP barque to the galley now facing the challenge of synchronised rowing.

This transferred cargo are SNP councillors who have persistently, under their party’s instructions, voted against their own party group’s motions and leaders in the council chamber. They have been given extraordinary leave to do so in a sequence that has made a tattered sail of the party’s membership regulations.

They are Councillors Isobel Strong, Robert Macintyre and Gordon Blair.

It is no coincidence that, for their obedient service, all three are to be in receipt of extra rations – the senior councillor posts with augmented salaries which they crave.

But with the SNP having run up the white flag by a substantial majority vote and Captain Sandy Taylor already drawing up the instrument of surrender with the victor, Commander Duncan Macintyre, a dinghy with a single occupant comes across from the galley, with a following wind.

It is the bold Councillor Breslin, offered back to the party group to help steer it into a safe backwater, with powerful support from the Admiralty who wish to see his return accelerated in gratitude for a job well done.

Interesting times.

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30 Responses to SNP try to reintegrate Breslin

  1. There are some very useful catchphrases to play with here such as the obvious “Don’t panic Mr. Mannering!” to “They don’t like it up ‘em!”

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  2. Another SNP deserter fully supported by CA President Bob Allan. A nasty man who had female councillors in tears. He and Duncan MacItyre make a great pair.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 12 Thumb down 11

  3. D’you know … I’m seriously losing the will to live here. And am I alone? Err … no … obviously not.
    I’m beginning to think that if ANYBODY is SERIOUSLY willing to TAKE CONTROL of A&BC and steer that wildly drifting ship into harbour, then I’ll be behind them whoever they are – well, if they’re making any sort of sense, that is.
    Sigh. :-(

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    • You are quite right.
      In our view Councillor Breslin’s loss of credibility has been the major collateral damage in this pantomime.
      When he stood as candidate for the Council we were delighted – and had every reason to be. He had, in theory, a lot to contribute to the elected member side of the council, which has some genuine talents but too high a proportion of the barely awake.
      He found himself in a steamer of a situation which no one could have anticipated. His own party hierarchy instructed its local party group to get out of power and into opposition [a fact that was repeatedly the case] – and he accepted this as a smart move.
      Councillor Breslin’s weakness – perhaps understandable in a rookie councillor but less so in the very experienced professional public sector manager which he was – was one of judgment: his own judgment and trusting unquestioningly the judgment of others which he acted upon.
      This was aggravated by an apparent inability to work as a member of a team. Some of the emails he sent to his senior colleagues – a few of which we have published – were astonishingly and threateningly demanding and confrontational. On occasion they were bizarrely abusive.
      The pressure of crisis reveals character and ability.
      Councillor Breslin simply didn’t measure up.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 19 Thumb down 6

      • I do not agree that Councillor Breslin’s weakness was his judgement. The fact that he dared to question, to challenge and expect honest and transparency has not served him well.
        This is what happens when people of genuine integrity and decency are elected then encounter all that is wrong within the workings of Kilmory.
        A fresh intelligent and questioning mind is bound not to sit that well with others who have had things their own way for too long.

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        • His judgement of being pally with Russell is a major flaw. If I were him I would distance myself but he appears to be under his sphere of influence.

          Thankfully others are not.

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  4. I’ve worked it out, there is no story that has or might have a happy ending with these many councillors that don’t actually do anything that they where voted in to do.

    Why don’t we have Jimmy McQueen running the finance department he’s not been involved in any of the council madness todate. In fact he’s done nothing for years or am I wrong? I’d like to him incharge right now, giving out boxing gloves instead of letting them vote, make them fight for the extra money.

    And why is anyone not screaming to get Sally out of office? Send in Mc Queen to do the tough jobs.
    Mc Queen for council leader, lets just give him a chance it can’t be any worse than what we have had in the SNP

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        • Never have I been so uninspired by someone in his position than Cooncilur McQueen.
          How he continues to get elected as councillor locally at least to those who are unfamiliar with him, must be utterly bewildering.
          I have a fair idea how he does, and it doesn’t take someone with half a brain to work out why exactly he despises the SNP.
          The fact that he gets paid is even more galling. There has to be glaring faults within the electoral system that permits a situation where there is such monetary gain for so little input.
          I find it disheartening that a candidate’s popularity, a well kent face trumphs track record, a person of substance, intellect, experience, vision etc. when it comes to election success.
          Spend a few minutes in his company asking a few questions and all becomes clearer than crystal. Trouble is too few of the electorate do.

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  5. Lol mb not far wrong. It just goes to show its not about politics it’s about getting a great wage for a part time job.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 2

  6. Talking about Councillors that do nothing, you don’t have to look further that Argyll First. One of Dick Walsh’s crew was moaning last night that not one Argyll First councillor turned up at an important meeting on Monday in the Council Chambers when management of the education service was being discussed. I am told that it is not unusual for Kelly, McAlpine and Philand to be apparent by their absence at important meetings. I am told that Walsh and his crew are not happy that they are having to carry all the responsibility which Argyll First sit with their feet up.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 3

  7. Just heard on the grapevine that if Breslin returns to the administration and takes on Education, then there will be mass resignations from education officers. They experienced him before and most can’t stand the guy.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 19 Thumb down 3

  8. Heard from a branch member recently that Breslin is Russell’s hatchet man and his aim is to get rid of two very senior officials in the Council. They said ask Sandy Taylor as he knows the story. He is also desperate to get rid of Walsh and become Leader of the Council with Russell’s blessing. Watch this space.

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