22 Responses to Herald loses public trust in publishing Yes Scotland article

    • better together has a compliant printed & tv media willing to push their ages old angle against independence as fact every single day of the week — fact that hacking of yes campaign gets such minimal coverage makes me wonder who helped hacked info get spread, was it just media? .. better together have the UK government resources to get up to any number of dirty tricks

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  1. How about covering some real news, like the decline in population on a number of Argyll islands, including Islay and Tiree? Any chance of an in-depth look at what can be done to bring enough decent jobs to keep a viable population on smaller islands? Or are we just going to be treated to more rehashing of national stories so you can have another dig at the SNP and/or Yes Scotland?

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  2. How about the source of the info about herald article £100, whoever hacked yes campaign email(s).. ol’ dirty tricks by journalists still going after the news international troubles.
    All newspapers etc are fed articles, forwarded by all sides for many reasons & this isn’t a new thing

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    • Few in politics or ‘journalism’ are averse to dirty tricks.
      The focus of this article has nothing to do with hacking – which is insupportable – and everything do with the integrity of independent and transparent news services, without which all of us who consume news are prey to covert manipulation.

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  3. I hope NEWSIE is condemning those who hacked into the system be it pro unionist supporters — after all it is a criminal act.

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  4. For this blog to criticise ANY journalist on ANY paper for ANY reason whatsoever is just plain hypocrisy. What if it was the BT campaign who had been accused of this,as they should be? Where would newsie stand on that one? How much public trust do you have?

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  5. In your trolling inability to engage with a serious issue outside the narrow political tramlines you seem unable to exist beyond, you testify to the dangers your chosen lifestyle offers to intelligent life.
    This is as pitiable as it is tedious.

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      • She’s telling me that my lifestyle is a danger to intelligent life. I also have blinkers on and can only see along strict political lines and cannot see the bigger picture outside of this. Remind you of anybody, Newsie?

        I suggested too that the other side of this political argument might be using a dirty trick or two to advance their cause. This, of course, is nonsense. Everybody knows that the BT campaign would not stoop this low and that God is on their side.

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  6. The days of the Herald are numbered . Circulation is falling at an alarming rate . Only the desire of older folk in the West of Scotland to see the births, deaths and marriages keeps the circulation from collapsing completely . When that older generation passes the Herald newspaper will be dead .

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    • Islay in C’town. Looks like Longshanks is right.
      The number of estimated readers, followed by the percentage increase or decrease, is shown below.
      Aberdeen Press & Journal, 197,000 +13pc
      Dundee Courier & Advertiser 119,000 -25pc
      Daily Record 809,000 -8pc
      The Herald 144,000 -6pc
      Glasgow Evening Times 139,000 -7pc
      The Scotsman 126,000 -8pc
      Yorkshire Post 120,000 -17pc
      Sunday titles
      Sunday Herald 111,000 -17pc
      Sunday Mail 925,000 -13pc
      The Sunday Post 726,000 -14pc
      Scotland on Sunday 146,000 -8pc

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  7. So you guess to make a point. How many read the Hootsmon?
    Anyway Surely your a Mail reader and prefer the fiction they concoct as well as the hoostmon over the misty north.

    Islay I thought you lived in C’town now I think it is morningside! If the panda story over the baby’s (more interesting than wee Georgie) is to believed the Tories will need to win a landslide to get more MP’s than them


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