Clue to First Minister’s temper tantrums with Aberdeen City Council

The headline rages of the First Minister against Aberdeen City Council continue to feature in the national media.

They arise over the council’s criticism of an unscheduled visit Mr Salmond made┬áto a city primary school – Bramble Brae – without the necessary clearance from the head teacher.

The visit was made during the recent Aberdeen Donside by-election campaign, capitalising on the threat of closure to the school by the majority Labour-led coalition in power in the council.

The First Minister’s office had issued a ‘media calling’ notice to summon the plankton to the school gates where the materialisation of the First Minister was assured.

The session ended with the First Minister entering the school itself – without accompanying media – at the invitation of a member of its parent council, through a back door and without the knowledge and permission of the head teacher, an obligatory requirement in child protection procedures.

Mr Salmond is said to have ‘addressed ‘ the pupils of a P6 class in what he reasonably describes as an ‘impromptu’ visit, although ignoring the fact that the regulations exist specifically to prevent impromptu visits to schools by anyone.

The council’s legitimate criticism of the incident has been met with a firestorm of fury by the First Minister, in intemperate communications making headlines across the country, accusing Aberdeen City Council of ‘behaving in an extreme manner’ and of risking the reputation of the city and its people.

The council, of course, has the right of it. The First Minister did enter the school and address pupils with neither the knowledge nor permission of the head teacher – and, for obvious reasons, there can be no variation on that requirement.

The word from amused insiders in Edinburgh on the First Minister’s noisy overreaction, is that Mr Salmond is on a weight reduction programme and is even more flash tempered than usual. He is said to have been stung by a comic tag doing the rounds in certain circles in the Holyrood village, referring to himself and Education Secretary, Michael Russell, as ‘Shrek and Shriek’.

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18 Responses to Clue to First Minister’s temper tantrums with Aberdeen City Council

  1. It would be good to have an intelligent debate about the merits of Alex Salmond as a politician.
    However; repeating personal, snide insults about him is not conducive to such debate.
    For the record, who do you think would look after Scotland’s interests better? Johan Lamont? Willie Rennie? Ruth Davidson?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 13

    • An independent Scotland would not be restricted to the lacklustre local authority level of those who would be candidates from the current Holyrood roster – and these days, in decline, Mr Salmond would no longer shine in Westminster as he once did.
      Interestingly – the most exciting politicians who could be hoovered home are Liberal Democrats.
      We can look at politicians like the LIb Dem’s Michael Moore – a genuine discovery from the current coalition in Westminster and now experienced in responsible politics at a high level. He, Danny Alexander and the steady footed Jo Swinson are a possible route to the recovery of the otherwise pretty desperate situation of the Liberal party in Scotland.
      Labour’s Jim Murphy is an interesting politician with one of the critical briefs for an independent Scotland behind him – defence. Labour also has Anas Sarwar, an undoubtedly capable and invigorating politician with a quick intelligence. Douglas Alexander is capable enough but, as a cold-eyed ambitious apparatchik, is unlikeable and too much made in the mould of the Brownite Labour party we need to leave behind. In terms of in-house Holyrood potential, Kezia Dugdale is able and refreshingly straightforward – for now, anyway.
      The SNP’s Stewart Hosie from the Westminster brigade is their best bet. Angus Robertson has all of the hallmarks of the Salmond bullyboy but without the First Minister’s occasional, if fading, charm. With the exception of John Swinney, who will not attempt to lead, Richard Lochhead is the most capable of the Holyrood cohort – but he is not the most favoured and he has not quite got the oomph for the very top.
      The Scottish Conservatives – in terms of what is available as of this moment – have no one who makes the cut.
      It reflects on the failure of the Scottish Parliament to rise to its occasion that it has not managed to breed a thrusting generation of genuine and exciting ability to take the baton.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 11 Thumb down 12

    • Shrek and Shriek is amusing but plankton is juvenile. The serious point is that Shrek and Shriek think that all scottish organisations are subservient to them. These high profile players in the referendum matter thousands of times more than their slavish followers. Increasingly their disturbing behaviour is the tipping point for many waverers against independence.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 5

    • who? that jolly nice chap that co-signed the Edinburgh Agreement and has a good chance of going down in history as the failure of a Prime Minister that couldn’t hold UK together?

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 9

      • Sounds like the same person. The same person who supports equal rights no matter your sexuality, the same one who is allowing the people of Britain to have their say on EU membership rather than have it dictated, the very same guy who almost without taking breath signed the Edinburgh Agreement to ensure the Scottish people had their say on being in the uk.

        Are these bad things or good?

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 5

        • David Cameron is very much of the dark side, wants to roll back human rights act so likely against equal rights … wants to censor anything on internet that he dislikes but intends to allow us to choose to opt in to see the 10 (or more) categories of content he wants blocked anyway (waste of time that’ll only slow down internet & harm business) … seems to be getting forced by outside pressure & extremists within own party to consider offering an EU vote that could only be bad for UK as concession he wants from Eu won’t come (good chance he’ll be a back bencher by vote time) … and leads a band of trouble makers intent on ignoring spirit of Edinburgh Agreement and muck spreading lies that even now are under-mining no case with their absurdity quite effectively …. I could go on & on but it would take too long & I’ve got better things to do BUT lets just conclude with: Cameron’s certainly an less than wise inhabitant of planet naive

          Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 10

  2. A few of you blogs makes reference to Mr Salmond in a derogoratory way and in particular his body shape and that “Mr Salmond is on a weight reduction programme”.

    Please explain why you feel your piece requies is so derogoratory as once again you comment about his weight.
    If you were a pupil in p3 at school you would told off for such comments.

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  3. The member of the Scottish Government with the largest and fastest growing arse is not the FM.

    You can’t get away with making derogatory remarks about women’s appearance and weight without the PC feminists getting upset The labour leader and the former Conservative leader have worse BMI’s. The latter terrified my wife when she sat down on the train beside us, too close to our granddaughter’s Easter egg.

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