Argyll Salmon Fishery Board sets out evidenced objection to Dawnfresh Loch Etive application

The Argyll District Salmon Fishery Board [ADSFB] has said no additional rainbow trout farms in Loch Etive should be permitted until Dawnfresh can show definitively that it is capable of containing its fish.

This highlights the weight of the problem with the regularity of rainbow escapes and the damage to the salmon populations from these large non-indigenous predators.

The Fishery Board response has been made in respect of the application by Dawnfresh for a new rainbow trout farm on Loch Etive, north of Oban.

The position adopted by the Fishery Board follows reports of an escape of rainbow trout from Dawnfresh’s farm on Loch Awe at the end of June.

Subsequently rainbow trout were caught by salmon anglers downstream in the River Awe. They reported the escape to the ADSFB and Dawnfresh; worryingly the company had been unaware of this loss of fish.

Roger Brook, Chairman of the Argyll District Salmon Fishery Board, says: ‘Dawnfresh has a lamentable record of allowing its fish to escape into the wider environment.

‘The integrity of the River Awe as a wild salmon river comes under regular attack at both ends – from large rainbow trout coming up from Loch Etive and from small rainbow trout infesting Loch Awe at the top.

‘Yet another massive farm in Loch Etive, close to the mouth of the river, will only exacerbate the problems we have experienced over the last few years.

‘The word “escape” is something of a misnomer in that it implies cunning fish managing to evade capture.

‘The reality is that these fish are released by Dawnfresh either due to their own negligence or the use of inadequate equipment that cannot contain the fish during normal operations of the farms.

‘Continuing escapes damage the wild fish populations of the Awe and there is no doubt that large rainbow trout predate on young salmon before and as they migrate to sea. Inevitably this compromises the number of adult salmon that return from their ocean migrations.’

Dawnfresh’s failure to contain its stock is not limited to Argyll.

The Fish Health Inspectorate [FHI] has confirmed that Dawnfresh lost over 7,000 rainbow trout due to a tear in a net at its operation in Loch Earn in Perthshire in May.

Here is a pdf of the letter Argyll District Salmon Fishery Board submittedto Argyll and Bute Council , dated 7th August 2013, objecting to the proposed new fish farm on Loch Etive: ADSFB Response 13 01379 MFF

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3 Responses to Argyll Salmon Fishery Board sets out evidenced objection to Dawnfresh Loch Etive application

  1. After reading the headline, I actually looks forward to reading the article (unusual for this blog I admit) to discover some ‘evidence’ that might help me form a judgement.

    But guess what? No evidence, simply biased opinions (quite usual for this blog).

    Please can Forargyll explain why it is the mouthpiece for SATA these days?

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  2. ASFB has every right to be concerned as rainbow trout are in fact a pacific salmon (Onchorhynchus) and their nearest ecological equivalent in European waters is not trout but Atlantic Salmon and thus escapees represent a major ecological threat, never mind the usual threats fish farms represent to anadromous stocks.

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