Alarm at job losses in Council education department

Two levels of officers in the Education Department at Argyll and Bute Council appear to be being obliterated at a stroke.

These are said to be the Educational Support Officers and the Technical Support Officers.

It is also being said that those officers are being ‘sent back to the classroom’ with some having had no classroom experience whatsoever for the past decade and more.

This morning, on receipt of this information, we have asked Argyll and Bute Council the following questions:

  • How many officers are concerned, at each level?
  • Are they – any or all of them – going back into the classroom?
  • If they are, in what capacity will they be doing this?
  • Are they all trained teachers or would they go in as Classroom Assistants?
  • Are there vacancies available on the classroom side?
  • Is there loss of salary involved?
  • What will their pension positions be?
  • Can they opt for redundancy?
  • Will some have their workplaces relocated?

If the information we were given – from an authoritative source, is correct, the answers to these questions will be readily available and we have asked for a prompt reply on what is a matter of public interest and personal concern.

We will publish the council’s response when we get it.

We wil

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16 Responses to Alarm at job losses in Council education department

  1. So let’s get this straight. The old administration was employing a bunch of teachers who weren’t doing any teaching?

    Thank goodness someone’s taking a long hard look at who is being employed, what they’re doing and – more importantly – how to deliver better education and better value for our kids.

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    • Which are you seeing as ‘the old administration’?
      The SNP one about to jump ship or the pirates they’re about to support back into power?

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      • You are the one who said these teachers haven’t worked in a classroom for a decade or more.

        So who should we look at, the independents who were in power for 90% of the time, or the SNP administration who said this is ridiculous and fixed it.

        Once again, the electorate voted last year for a coalition to run Argyll and Bute. The political instability that can inherently accompany such a balance of powers is not one of any councillor’s making – even though you appear willfully blind to this reality.

        I for one am glad that whatever the makeup of the council is over the next few years, there will be a substantial group from the SNP who are willing to look again at decision taken years ago, like this one, and see what we can do better.

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  2. The current administration was tackling the problems left by years of Walsh control. Forward to the past with new coalition.

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  3. Just as an aside – what qualifications does Mike Russell MSP have for his position as Education Minister?

    (I see he also benefits from FITs)

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      • They don’t have a clue Lowry…they dont even have a constitution for an independant Scotland….bloody hilarious….a group fighting for Indy and they don’t even have a constitution to base indy on…..I have to keep pinching myself every time ai think about it…its a cliqué not a political party…..:)

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  4. Where did the decision for these cuts come from as in the Budget papers the Education Management Re-structure only proposed the loss of 3 jobs.
    As we have had a complete shambles in Kilmory since the Budget was proposed have the councillors been involved in these decisions?
    Do these cuts include the Quality Improvement Officers?
    As we now have Dick and Dumber back in charge as they have changed does that mean that the SNP are now backing Sneedon
    and his plans for Education in Argyll.
    Roddy must have okayed all this as he is still the leader so I am sure he will give us all the news.
    Cheers Neil.

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    • Glad someone else is on to the uber-protection offered to the Quality Improvement Officers – who may number around or over 30 and who were about good enough to take minutes during consultation in the 2910-11 school wars.
      The ‘only 3 jobs’ to go cannot be said yet to be wide of the mark as we have had absolutely no response as yet from Argyll and Bute Council to our questions.
      It is not impossible that 3 jobs might account for two levels of posts – although that would seem extraordinarily restrained for our lavishly QIO’d Education Department.

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  5. Don’t these people have a proper role? If you took out central support and monitoring, who monitors school performance? Exam results and a HMiE inspection every decade? The Head Teachers would have absolute power and the Educational Authority have next to no 3rd party view point of how schools are performing, being run and the quality of the staff complement either independently or comparing peer schools to each other.

    The Educational Authority would then be trying to manage the schools programme blind and almost entirely on what the Head Teachers choose to tell them. And they are not immune to self preservation or protection.
    I agree, they shouldn’t be far detached from teaching practice and school management but they do fulfil and important role in driving up standards.

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    • I agree. It’s nonsense to dismiss these people as mere ‘pen pushers’, as if they performed no useful function. The truth is that the education service in Argyll and Bute, after the loss of post after management post, is now grossly under-managed, with those who remain often lacking experience and expertise in important areas of the service.

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  6. Nae problem. Put Breslin in charge of education and half the staff will be oot the door in 5 mins. That will save money but destroy what is left of education in argyll and bute. Just wait for the school closures that are being discussed by the snp and walsh to come to the surface. That will get things moving.

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  7. As a former Technical Support Officer ( retired on health grounds) can I just say that to the best of my knowledge my successors were ‘transferred’ to the IT Dept. some time ago and none of them, to my knowledge & myself included, were ‘teaching staff’ so they will not be going “back to the classroom”

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