A83 to be trunked to Campbeltown

Unofficially – we understand from a Hollyrood source that Transport Scotland has decided to trunk the A83 from Kennacraig to Campbeltown. We expect an official announcement sometime today, probably from Campbeltown as a public relations opportunity with the Scottish Cabinet there for its summer tour meeting this morning.

This puts right a long avoidance of clear governmental responsibility and an equally long neglect of a major and remote town on whose economic regeneration the entire Kintyre peninsula depends.

It allows Argyll and Bute Council to focus on proper maintenance of the rest of Argyll’s complex roads infrastructure.

It will support new traffic usage to and from the CalMac ferry from Campbeltown to Ardrossan.

And it means that traffic from Islay will be able to expect a decent road whether it turns left or right on to the A83 at the exit from the Kennacraig ferry terminal.

This decision would indicate that the A83 Task Force members from Argyll have done a good job in making a forceful case for the trunking of the entire A83 – so we all owe them our gratitude.

It should not be forgotten that it was the Argyll First group of Councillors who first started formally pushing for this necessary responsibility to be accepted.

The respect they are due for persistently highlighting this need and campaigning for it, ought not to be lost against the razzamatazz of the political photo-opportunities that will come later today.

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12 Responses to A83 to be trunked to Campbeltown

  1. Good news but it cannot be right with an snp government in charge? Did General Wade not dual carriageway this route as a bonus of being occupied (sorry being in the BT union.)

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    • As with the premature announcement of the partial ferry service from Campbeltown to Ardrossan – for which the operator was not prepared – this is political jam for the independence vote.
      We should offer gratitude for the development – which should have been provided long since – to its true sources.
      The principal credit goes to Argyll First who highlighted the issue in Holyrood with their public campaign – Sign for the A83 – and the case they put to the Holyrood Petitions Committee. This made the issue a public one of widespread awareness.
      Then the A83 Task Force – which included Argyll First – came into being and, unable to resist Transport Scotland’s cheapskate ‘solution’ to the landslide closures on that section of the A83, they have clearly managed to ram home within the Task Force an irresistible case for the trunking of this vital arterial road from start to finish.

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      • Newsroom, you betray yourself.

        Every councillor in Kintyre has, for the past three decades at least, been calling for the A83 to be trunked.

        To seek to give all credit to a small group as a way to once again avoid crediting the SNP with doing anything is just another manifestation of your unbridled hatred towards the SNP.

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        • There is all the difference in the world, Russell, between councillors occasionally bleating on about an issue – and a group who created, pursued and delivered a specific and targeted campaign and brought it – with the weight of public support they could demonstrate – to the attention of the Scottish Parliament.
          And what is there for us to ‘betray’ in ourselves?
          A willingness to give credit where it is due?
          A determination to see that this is done?

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          • The trouble you have is your insistence on only giving credit to the small few who share your belief on any particular issue. Your bias and hatred permeates every article.

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  2. This is good news but the council will have its roads funding cut accordingly. It is still good news because the council was diverting funding for A83 maintenance to other roads projects in Kintyre.

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  3. We understand from a Westminster source that the line up of the cabinet in new coalition between Better Together and the SNP at Argyll and Bute council will be also announced today.

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