Russell welcome for litter clean-up dual action plan for Scotland

Anti-litter MSP Michael Russell has today warmly welcomed the Scottish Government’s announcement to create cleaner communities and coastlines by tackling land and marine litter and to end Scotland’s litter blight.

The linked consultation action plan will target; better education and improved communications, increased fixed penalties, more accessible recycling opportunities and a focus on maritime litter awareness.

Mr Russell, who represents  Argyll and Bute, said: ‘I have been encouraging the Scottish Government to take action to cut litter so am absolutely delighted that in the Year of Natural Scotland the Scottish Government is teaming up with Zero Waste Scotland to combat litter.

‘Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world but litter blights our communities, inland Lochs  and coastlines – and this has to be stopped.

‘Argyll and Bute  has a unique relationship with the sea and is has a  wonderful coastline greater than that of France, so a focus on the keeping our beaches and waters clean will work in synergy with the efforts to clean up our towns  and rural land.

‘Putting rubbish where it belongs – in the recycling bins or in the waste bin – is very easy to do, but still half the population admits to littering.

‘Combatting litter which affects our environment, wildlife, industry and tourism is good news for absolutely everyone and I have no doubt we can make Scotland an even more beautiful place to live, work and visit.’

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14 Responses to Russell welcome for litter clean-up dual action plan for Scotland

  1. He needs to clear up the mess left by the SNP Councillors in Argyll and Bute before he starts accusing 50% of us of littering the place. Perhaps better education and improved communications, fixed penalties and recycling opportunities should be applied to elected SNP councillors. I’m sure Fred Hall would agree.

    Before accusing us of making all the mess, did he mention anything about the amount of rubbish that gets washed up on our beaches from abroad?

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  2. SNP policy is to examine a system of compulsory refundable deposits on all all containers, cans and bottles. This was past a National Conference in 2010 by acclaim.

    If you give rubbish a value then the middens who drop it won’t or if they do then someone else will.

    At 50p per item a person collecting 16 items exceeds the minimum hourly wage.

    Councils will save a fortune in refuse collection and landfill costs and our highways and byways will be rid of litter.

    This is an opportunity for a real culture change for our nation but it can only be fully operational if we have independence as much of the legislation surrounding consumer issues is currently reserved.

    Nordic countries are moving to re-useable containers rather than recycling given the carbon footprint used in the recycling process.

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  3. If you take the bus from Lochgilphead to Glasgow you’ll see that the trunk roads have their very own litter problem, of abandoned traffic cones and road works signs off the verge of the road, and sometimes on the loch shore below. A lot of it’s been there for years.
    Litter, Mike, but not as we know it.

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  4. It is very true that this country of ours suffers from litter and far too much of it. Litter education should start in schools as a matter of course. One also has to ask what types of litter are we talking about? From the look of it just about everything. We are told or at least implies that we should recycle as much of our waste as possible and I agree. But there is a bigger problem which we have very little say in how rubbish is produced. In my opinion there has been massive increases since the war of companies ‘packaging’ everything from fruit & veg to screws and nails and just about anything in between – if a manufacturer can pack they will. If manufacturers were more responsible in the way they packaged things there would be much less waste to recycle and much less to scatter about the countryside. This is a serious problem in Argyle and everyone is responsible, either to make a point to those seen dropping rubbish to the act of recycling yourself. There is an attitude of ‘why bother’ here and I find it disappointing that people in general cannot be bothered, again if it was talked about at an early age then maybe we would not literally be in the mess we are now. I work in the tourist industry and find it disheartening that we find ourselves in this mess as it must look disgraceful for our tourist friends, I wonder what they might think what is worse what might they tell friends and would they come back?
    As mentioned it is not only domestic rubbish that is a problem but commercial rubbish and the way some businesses conduct the way they work leaves a lot to be desired. Just a short way from me is a fish processing factory, quite small, but the amount of rubbish that is strewn around is unbelievable. It ranges from derelict boats, trailers cones, fishing gear. polystyrene boxes, cable, rope and general fishing industry cast offs. It looks terrible but no one seems to bother of care. Maybe there should be a Council Official charged with looking at this and ‘encouraging’ businesses to tidy up there own ‘yard’
    I fear that until some legislation be brought in to combat this Argyle will have this problem for years

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    • Fish farms have quite a lot to answer for – all too often derelict sea cages seem to be left to decay (or not, maybe) on the shore, and our beloved Crown Estates don’t seem to be doing anything at all toward cleaning up, considering how keen they are to clean up when it comes to taxing anyone who has the temerity to indulge in marine activities.

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    • I agree – it’s extremely frustrating. When are the beds due to be closed or has it already happened? What have your local councillors said on the matter thus far?

      It seems that Mike Russell MSP, finds the topic of litter more imporatant than the closure of NHS beds.

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  5. I cannot help getting the feeling that if Michael Russell rescued a small child from being attacked by a rottweiler the headline and the general comments on here would be along the lines of “MSP murders Family Pet”

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    • I agree MAML

      These ‘minor’ issues such as littering and dog fouling have such a negative impact on our surroundings.
      To me, it says something about a society that tolerates it as if it’s normal, no big deal, a society that thinks so little of their city town or village let alone country.

      We should all be applauding any initiative that makes a serious attempt to tackle a problem that refects extremely poorly on this country.

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  6. Tried to stay away from this one but I’m afraid I do tend to agree with MAML, I don’t quite get it all.

    Admittedly not anything directly related to the story and more about views on Mike Russell and how he was ‘found out’ trying to influence SNP councillors in their decision on Struan, allegedly, but I honestly struggle to understand why this one particular action should lead to him almost being demonised by some. Similar will be happening throughout Scotland just now and in the majority of LAs, by all parties and politicians.

    Newsroom has made clear what their stance is on politics, locally or nationally, and their demand for good governance. Can’t argue with that as it’s a position most people would agree with, however it’s not difficult to understand why he did what is suggested.

    From a nationalist’s perspective the proposal to close Struan Lodge was a massive own goal, everyone could see that. Any politician with half a brain knows you don’t do anything to threaten the ‘grey vote’, especially in an area with a higher than average population of older people. Because of that I actually struggle to understand why any ‘nationalist’ politician would even consider such a proposal so close to a time when the possibility of their one shared view and belief could finally be realised.

    So it’s hardly surprising that someone in Mike Russell’s position, or to be honest any nationalist, realised what the potential impact would be and tried to do something about it, allegedly :-).

    The interesting part is all the focus on the councillors and the apparent notion if they sort themselves out everything will be dandy. What do they all need to sort out, there was disagreement in one political group about one ‘political’ decision, it got mucky and went public, so what? Yes that group should sort itself but it’s not exactly as if Argyll and Bute Councillors have been the bastions of good practice and governance in the past.

    Personally I would suggest Argyll and Bute Council have got far more serious and worrying issues to address before they need to concern themselves too much about member to member working.

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