Jura wiped off the map

What has happened to Jura? Or what has Google done to Jura?

The legendary Argyll island of Jura, of the raised beaches, the deer, the feral goats, the Corryvreckan, the three Paps of Jura, the Wizard of Oz, the single malt whisky, George Orwell and the Scottish Islands Peaks Race  – has vanished.

Look at:

And by the way, Jura has taken the rest of the chain with it so Scarbha and Lunga are missing as well. Little Colonsay is looking prety forlorn and Islay seems unprotected.

Note: We are indebted to Robert Wakeham for alerting us to this. And don’t first try Google Earth – as we unthinkingly did. Its an archived satellite map so Jura is still there – which is reassuring – and not.

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26 Responses to Jura wiped off the map

  1. Google might have sunk Jura but the road from Feolin up through Craighouse to Ardlussa seems to have floated free – the wonders of cutting edge technology.

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  2. Newsroom you are soout of date. Did you not know that Jura was seeking independence from Argyll? Jura Community Council have possibly taken the island and hid in the atlantic somewhere.

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  3. It may not be down to Google themselves but the ‘map edit’ tool in the lower right corner of the screen. Never felt the need to click the link to see exactly what it allows you to do.

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    • I don’t think you can remove land areas. You can edit details of places marked on the map (but not all). I quite frequently send in edits because if you zoom in you find lots of errors either because a place has been entered just from its postcode or someone has added a location but done it on quite a small scale so nowhere near the right location.

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  4. It’s been ten days now – and no sign of Jura resurfacing.

    I wonder if someone’s found a way of nobbling Google, wiped Jura by way of showing what they could do – and Google haven’t worked out a fix yet?

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    • Interesting notion.
      Certainly odd that they’ve not been able to find a fix – which they;ve said they’re trying to do.
      The Jura road is still streaming in the wake of Islay.

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  5. This has now been reported on the BBC news website (saying that it was noticed on Tuesday, which is presumably BBC-speak for ‘Auntie’s just woken up’)

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    • This article was published, as it says, on 5th July. You will find that this item was published very early here on For Argyll and later picked up elsewhere.

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      • 12 days to pick up on a moan (which turns out not be warranted) – Anne Robinson wouldn’t be happy, her career kick start on Points of View would never have happened without a more diligent moaning public!

        I never understand why people feel the need to raise things like this (even when they are correct). This isn’t the BBC World Service, it is a very small team of people running a website around their own lives. Hardly a surprise that they don’t cover every single story before the BBC do!

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        • But what Auntie Beeb doesn’t mention (ignorance is bliss) is that other websites using Google mapping are likewise afflicted – the ‘Live Ships Map – AIS – Vessel Traffic & Positions’ site being one that deserves correction sooner rather than later.

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  6. It’s a Scottish island, no great mischief if it falls off the map.

    I purchased a UK and Ireland road atlas the other day, £1.99 at the petrol station. Now, I had noticed something before on other atlases over the years and it never seems to change.
    The scale of the map for the mainland UK is 2.5Km per cm. The Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Man get printed at the same scale, but move North of the border and watch what happens. The Isle of Skye goes out to 4Km’s per cm and the Western and Northern Isles of Scotland go out to a useless 7Km per cm. Now I know that it’s a long way from London, but to a purchaser of the map who finds himself on these roads it is just as important.

    The other thing I notice is that the English pages have a half page overlap, useful for journey planning, but in Scotland there is only the overlap provided by the margins.

    These are the little sub-conscious wedges that have led us to the referendum.

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    • It probably calls itself ‘Great Britain and Ireland’ but Ireland is at an even smaller scale than the outer Hebrides, Orkney & Shetland; shame on you for going for the cheap option – if you’d forked out slightly more money you could’ve found a road atlas with all of Scotland (albeit maybe not Ireland) at a consistent scale.

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      • Ha! Ha! You’re right about Ireland, it’s all on one page. The price on the cover is actually £13.99. I’m glad I didn’t pay that amount.

        I only bought it as I had to call the AA the day before and couldn’t find my old one to tell them what road I was on. Luckily it was someone who knew where the towns at both end of the road were. In this call centre age that’s a bit of a miracle.

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