Sporting estates welcome predictions of good grouse season

Lochindorb Estate - Grouse Moore

Speaking at the Scone Game Fair today (Friday 5th July), Robert Rattray, partner at CKD Galbraith and head of the firm’s Sporting Lets agency, said: ‘Despite the late Spring, the hatch commenced in earnest on time in late May, and since that time the weather has been good with excellent warm dry spells.

‘Early indications suggest good brood sizes, and at this stage of the year, unless we have a sustained period of cold wet weather, we should see good grouse numbers.

‘Generally speaking, everyone in the industry is upbeat about this year’s grouse season with birds being well spread out throughout Scotland.

The sporting fraternity can expect to pay around £150 + VAT per brace for driven grouse and £100 + VAT per brace for walked up grouse this season – a similar price level to last year.

Sporting Lets operate shoots on some of the finest Scottish estates, offering top class grouse shooting. They report strong demand among both UK and international sportsmen and women for both walked up and driven grouse shooting in the 2013 season.

In terms of salmon fishing, Mr Rattray says: ‘After a patchy start, hopefully due to the unseasonably cold weather, we are now waiting for the start of the main grilse runs, which we should see over the next few weeks, depending on the water.’

Sporting Lets is shortly launching its new look website where full details on sporting opportunities and available lodges can be found, as well as day-to-day updates throughout the season.

The upgraded website will be highly interactive, linking with the agency’s new social media campaign which has just been launched on Facebook and on Twitter.

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3 Responses to Sporting estates welcome predictions of good grouse season

  1. Killing birds for pleasure is our nations disgrace.
    Shooting animals should be for the pot or humane reasons only.
    The carnival atmosphere that surrounds such shoots is shaming.
    So many more people wish to come to Scotland to see these birds in their natural habitat, and not just the few landed elite with their oodles of money.

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