First Minister still trying to find Scotland in international ID parade

You have to feel sorry for Alex Salmond in his increasingly desperate search for the identity of Scotland.

He keeps adding to the international line up he’s working his way through but he’s now begun to dump possible matches and move on without drawing breath.

Scotland has been Iceland, Ireland, Sweden and Norway.

A couple of days ago it was the tax haven of the Isle of Man and it’s just been Switzerland.

Someone should darken the room, apply wet towels to the fevered brow and point out – very gently – that it’s been here all the time.

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20 Responses to First Minister still trying to find Scotland in international ID parade

    • Agreed

      Lynda believes she is a journalist. Such delusion.

      The fact is it is up to us to decide which country we would like to be like.

      Obviously she enjoys being 2nd fiddle to London tugging the forelock with NO control over our resources both on and off shore.

      What a lack of ambition she has.

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      • The fact is also that we can choose what we read and engage with. I choose not to read The Sun, Mirror and others because of the content.

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  1. It’s all beginning to look ridiculous. I genuinely believe the best thing for the Nationalist cause would be to drop Alex Salmond. He’s becoming a bit of a joke, and despite protestations to the contrary, he goes hand-in-hand with Independence.
    To seperate them is just not going to work and no-one is buying it, no matter how much the Nationalists try and distance the SNP from Independence.
    THink about it from anyone who might want Indy but doesn’t want the SNP – there are NO other options post-Indy. Labour are a disaster, and the rest are not worth mentioning! So better the devil you know. For many people in this country, life is not half as bad as the Nationalists would have us believe. Doesn’t mean the union is perfect, but nothing in this world is perfect.
    The sooner they drop Alex Salmond, the better. For the Nationalists that is. The more he hangs on, the better for those in favour of the Union.

    PS – Feeling grumpy newsroom?!

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    • Well observed.
      Independence and SNP are mutually exclusive. You could have either without the other. Which makes all the commentary about policy issues a nonsense – whether we keep faslane or the bedroom tax (for example) isn’t an independence decision, it’s an SNP led post independence one.
      What political parties might we have a choice of post a yes vote? You don’t see labour, conservative or lib dem as we know and understand them on the polls in Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland or Belgium? They may stay, the Westminster leadership might take the view to cut its Scottish divisions loose. Who knows.

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    • Hi Jamie

      Didn’t AS lead the SNP to victory despite the shenanigans of the lib dems, Brown and labour trying to cling to power and would have put London centric policies first.

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  2. Spot on Newsie. Another piece to give many of us a giggle and point out something that I’d not really noticed.

    However, there was also an article in the latest Private Eye (“China Syndrome” p 30) concerning the SNP’s decision to ignore China’s poor record on human rights. What with that and the recent TV programme exposing more of the Trump scandal, I believe Salmond is putting Scotland in danger of selling its soul in a desperate bid to try to win votes.

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    • Lowry
      What a giggle?
      Cameron etc all go off with their wee trade delegations selling arms to the Middle East and to boost their foreign policy with the good old US of A.
      Been a great success I am sure you would agree — ps don’t mention the human rights or women rights issues in Suadi, Israel, Oman etc etc.
      Robin Cook would condemn such actions Douglas Alexander supports the Tory foreign policy as long as Milliband tells him too.
      Of course an independent Scotland could follow its own path whoever is in power at the time – with Scotland’s interests first.

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  3. Why does H20 and others repeatedly compare Scotland/SNP Policies with Westminster and other agencies that allegedly practice questionable activities? Is it to deflect attention away from the sometimes questionable efforts of our own politicians? The moral yardstick should surely start and end with the behaviour of our own politicians.

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    • Sorry are we not allowed to mention individuals such as Tony Blair, John Major, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Osborne when they directly control so much of our lives over the years !
      After all the above wish to continue with the same morally corrupt system be it illegal wars unelected peers etc.

      Ps I did not mention Alistair Darling I think that would be stooping too low

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  4. At least any of Salmond’s comparisons are far nearer the mark than Donald Dewar’s comparison of an independent Scotland’s economy to Bangladesh, the then poorest country in the World!!

    And yes, he did know about McCrone and the oil when he made that comment

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