Councillor Macintyre off to the Pamplona bull-run

Councillor Duncan Macintyre is said now to be off on holiday to see the annual bull run in Pamplona, in the festival running to 14th July.

The poet Benjamin Zephaniah has just published an article in The Guardian here, saying that tousits visiting for the event have blood on their hands and that: ‘Forty-eight bulls are tormented and butchered every year as part of the Running of the Bulls – and the spectators are complicit.’

Why go to Pamplona when you can have the same experience at home in Kilmory?

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10 Responses to Councillor Macintyre off to the Pamplona bull-run

  1. There’s another festival – La Tomatina – in Spain next month that should be prescribed for all our councillors (at their expense) where no animals are tormented but everyone works out their aggression by throwing (and wallowing in) tomatoes.
    This would be preferable to throwing (and wallowing in) the dooh-dah at Kilmory, and they could return to a council chamber full of sweetness and light.

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  2. Anyone attending these bullring events should be arrested and charged on arrival home. I’m sure there’s a law that would cover it.

    Robert, the number of councillors growing doo-dah at Kimory is negligible. The fact that newsroom is getting excited again is no proof that anyone else is. The odd person whose nose is out of joint does not constitute mass indignation. Answering a few questions does not constitute a deadly plot. Buying drain cleaner does not constitute intent to murder.

    So I’m not saying that things weren’t a bit unsettled but we’re not actually dealing with 36 feral apes and the hysteria you read in these pages warrants the purchase of large bag of salt.

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    • Every time you comment here , you show us what an intolerant bullying lot the SNP are .
      This week we have seen the glee among nationalists that people aspiring to own their own home are no longer to have the right to buy . Kintyre is awash with affordable homes to rent . There is no reason to end the policy here other than the left wing spiteful centralised outlook of the SNP

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      • Or it could be that across the country there are hundreds of people on waiting lists for council housing as plenty were sold and none built to replace them. It helped a great many get their foot on the housing ladder but condemned their children and grandchildren to overcrowded housing if they are lucky enough to get a house at all. I’m sure if the SNP had excluded Kintyre you would be first on here moaning about “postcode” lottery.

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  3. Anyone attending these bullring events should be arrested and charged on arrival home. I’m sure there’s a law that would cover it”.

    “I’m sure there’s a law that would cover it”????

    Some might say this is a really immature, naïve, stupid comment.

    But, as long as you’re sure Anne….

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  4. Newsroom
    To compare the trials and tribs of Kilmory to this utterly vulgar ‘sport’ ‘traditional spectacle’ ‘event’ is crass and trivialises just one of countless acts man is capable of and perpetrates on other living creatures with the odds stacked firmly in man’s favour of course, cowards.

    Dress it up as they will, there’s no escaping the despicable reality that these animals are terrified meeting a gruesome end, slowly murdered, and for what?
    This sick ‘fun’ belongs in the dark ages but sadly exists in our times and will continue to as long as we see ourselves as superior and put no other value on other animals than monetary and human fuel.

    The visiting of this region at this time, spending adding to their local economy is condoning the Pamplona bull-run.

    I hope once councillor Macintyre after throwing up, bows his head in shame returns and reflects on his choice of entertainment.

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  5. Having been told about all the bullying of female councillors, it would appear to be appropriate that Duncan MacIntyre goes to the bull-run. When it comes to bullying, the SNP do not have a look in.

    On the question of the SNP government banning the right to buy, all this will,do is ensure that there is a massive run on the right to buy before 2016. When are they going to ban SNP Ministers and MSPs from buying and selling properties in Edinburgh using the tax payers money to make massive profits? I am sure that Nicola will not want to ban that as she wants to keep her SNP pals happy and wealthy.

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  6. Love them or loathe them you have to acknowledge this SNP government is unique. The cabinet comprises people who joined and worked for the party long before it would have been wise as a career move. They joined because they believed in Scotland and its right to self determination and not because there was the promise of being elected or ending up with a lucrative peerage. All of them have spent many, many hours and their own hard earned cash on the party over two or three decades. Of all the governments Scotland will have this is the one that most surely didn’t do it for power or money.

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