College of Piping launches competition to compose bagpipe tune for Andy Murray

A composing competition for a bagpipe tune for Wimbledon Champion, Andy Murray, by The College of Piping in Glasgow has been launched and immediately welcomed by Stuart McMillan MSP, who is himself a piper and who represents the West of Scotland.

Mr McMillan – the only MSP who is a piper – says: ‘A pipe tune for Andy Murray is a fantastic idea by the College of Piping and they are to be congratulated for such a creative initiative.  I am sure it will capture the public’s imagination – and it’s bound to be a smash.

‘Andy Murray has made history with his outstanding Wimbledon victory, his second Grand Slam, and his Olympic Gold.  I have no doubt that the calibre of tunes that will be composed will be befitting of Andy’s phenomenal achievements.’

This is an inspirational idea by the college – on a level with painting a home town pillar box gold for each Gold Medal winner at the London 2012 Olympics but requiring no maintenance other than the repeated playing the winning tune will certainly get.

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17 Responses to College of Piping launches competition to compose bagpipe tune for Andy Murray

  1. This really is another example of an MSP jumping on a bandwagon, with the SNP rushing out a press release on something they had nothing to do with.

    I saw what happened:

    1. On Sunday at 19:23 Mike Pringle from York suggests on the College of Piping Facebook page that they run this sort of competition
    2. Lots of people ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ the idea, spreading the concept rapidly and gaining it lots of approval and awareness.
    3. At 21:30 on Sunday the inestimable Yvonne at the College announces that its Principal, Rob Wallace, agrees and outlines the rules and process for the competition.
    4. Then on Monday at 14:06 the SNP gushes out, sorry, rushes out a press release on the topic.

    There’s a fine line between supporting our Scottish culture and opportunistically piggy-backing events with a ‘feel-good’ factor. All parties do it, but the SNP’s practice right now is excessive. Overstepping that line almost daily.

    I’m sure Stuart is genuine in his support, and it’s welcome. But he and all politicians need to be more aware of when they look like chancers. It’s not pretty.

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    • Cameron’s opportunistic invitation for Andy to visit 10 Downing St. the very next day wasn’t “excessive”? The immediate suggestion for Andy to receive a knighthood wasn’t “overstepping that line”?
      Of course Mhairi, the SNP are the lowest of the low as far as you are concerned but would a wee bit of even handedness in your criticism be way too much to request, and goodness doesn’t this site badly need some to counter Newsie’s constant anything SNP related diatribes

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      • JnrTick – the name’s Mairi, not Mhairi.

        Please re-read my post:

        * I welcomed Stuart’s support in the penultimate line;
        * In the preceding paragraph I pointed out that “All parties do it”.

        Even-handedness is important – you’re right.

        I have lots of friends who are in the SNP, and also many that aren’t who plan to vote for separation. That we disagree on what’s the best way forward for our country is no reason to fall out :)

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

        • Who’s falling out?

          Disagreeing, debating, passing comment, challenging opinion, yes, but falling out?
          Think we’ll leave that to the politicians.

          Your two bullet points fail to acknowledge your lack of impartiality you claim you possess.

          The SNP’s opportunism is no more excessive than Scotland’s England population voted Tory government’s opportunism, the point I highlighted in my response to your original post.

          Apologies for the ‘h’. A wee bit petty and irrelevant mind you, but please feel free remain consistent and pick me up on my all too frequent typos, takes me back to my all to distant school days.

          “Plan to vote for separation”.
          Separation, the word of choice for those wishing to create a negative impression.
          I’ll be voting not for “separation” but for what every other nation takes for granted, and others struggle to obtain, independence.

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          • Separation and separatism are not pejorative words. This is long established, normal language to describe what the SNP is proposing. My choice is one of plain speaking.

            If what the SNP are calling ‘independence’ includes retention of the monarchy, the pound, NATO, the EU, the DWP [a list 'to be continued', no doubt], then it’s even more important to remind people that a ‘yes’ vote does mean Scotland will be a separate country.

            I do find it telling that SNP supporters get nervous about the simple, factual use of the word.

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  2. Maybe as this was a glorious victory by Andy whilst representing ‘Great’ Britain as some claim, what about a Morris dance for Andy as well as a bagpipe tune in honour of him?

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  3. This For Argyll “cringe” about anything Scottish, do you think it’s a throwback to the days when they cut the fingers off Mac Colla’s imprisoned piper for sending warning messages to Mac Colla in his Pibroch.

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    • If FA carries the day and the No camp win, we’ll have plenty to cringe about. Remember what the fearty vote delivered us into in ’79. I can see the imperialist establishment and their followers tooling up for it already.

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  4. Murdoch – get a grip – I despaired about the bandwagon-jumping by the MSP. I’m immune to whatever this supposed “cringe” is; it’s meaningless to me.

    I’m wholly committed to my country and its culture. That should be obvious from my posts.

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    • What is your country Mairi?

      Some say the UK is a country, bizarre as it sounds, others say Scotland is not a country (We’ve witnessed it on here), just as bizarre.

      I recently had a conversation with a very elderly S.African lady who said in conversation,
      “This country ………..”. I asked her “which country?” and she looked at me instantly quizzically, brows lowered, a bewildered confused expression as though I had asked her to explain in detail the meaning of life. She went on to repeat herself and finally blurted “The united Kingdom!”
      Needless to say we went on to clarify our understanding but sadly it never surprises me how many people refer to this country, the UK, as a country which is factually wrong.
      The New York Times immediately after Andy Murray’s win had “After 77 years England rules” heading their paper. After a deluge of email complaints this was changed. This lack of geographical, political or constitutional understanding, although inexcusable, is again no surprise as they are fed Westminster news, London news, Buckingham palace royalty news, all England dominated.
      What is completely inexcusable is the blurring in understanding of who we actually are, what we define ourselves as, where we live, where we sit politically as part of this UK by those who actually reside in this country, Scotland.

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      • Oh Jnr Tick, do cheer up!

        I am so obviously Scottish! I have done more than most to develop Gaelic, played the bagpipes as a youngster, have followed the national football team abroad ten times including two World Cups and two Euro Championships… I am more clichéd than you can throw a tin of shortbread at!

        And I’m delighted to belong too the the United Kingdom, and love the advantages that this status brings to me and my children. I believe we get the best of both worlds with this set-up. That’s the positive case for voting No.

        Despite always saying they’re running a ‘positive campaign’, all I hear is ‘talking down’ negative stuff from the other side.

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

        • Your cliché “the best of both worlds” is just that. There is only one world and there is only one route to the best of our share of the world, a YES vote. Keep control of our own development and production. Vote NO and we will continue to send everything we earn to London and get back whatever they haven’t spent down there or wasted on foreign interference.

          Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 3

      • I wouldn’t take an American media outlet’s inability to differentiate between England and Scotland as any evidence of the British media being London focused. The UK far from alone in terms of America being largely ignorant of its geograpghy and history!

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