Work underway on Inspiralba’s new Campbeltown play park: now name it

trail image

Work is now underway on the  new play park for Campbeltown  – at Quarry Green on the loch front.

Everything is going to plan so the facility should be ready by the summer holidays.

Local social enterprise, Inspiralba, has been working with a group of volunteer parents over the past 8 months to provide the new playpark .  They have now secured most of the £83k they need, with further donations still coming in – and very much welcomed.

trail actul

The new playpark will include: a wheelchair accessible roundabout, along with a variety of equipment to swing, rock, slide, spin and clamber over.

Committee members are very grateful to the generosity of local people and businesses who have provided donations allowing the group to progress the playpark over a very tight timescale – along with support from Argyll and Islands Leader Programme and Argyll and Bute Council.

artists impression campbeltown playpark

Now name it

But what should they call the new playpark?

Inspiralba is asking local young people to come up with a name for it – with the incentives of a prize and a chance to cut the ribbon at the launch event.

So, anyone with any ideas should email their suggested name for the playpark – along with their name and contact details to: - BY 14th JUNE

trail actual 2

Alisa Clark, Inspiralba’s Development Manager says: ‘We are delighted that work on the new playpark is ready to start.  The group have worked hard together to  take the project forward.

‘We really appreciate the financial support from the local community including many businesses and organisations, as well as funding from Argyll and Bute Council and Argyll and Islands Leader. This has allowed us to progress to this stage.  We are still accepting donations.’ [Ed: our emphasis.]

Note: The blend of artist’s impressions and recent photographs above show what is planned and how it is already on the way, very solidly constructed. It is to open on 22nd June – so get that date in the diary and wait to see the high jinks when the youngsters get the freedom of this great new resource.

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6 Responses to Work underway on Inspiralba’s new Campbeltown play park: now name it

  1. They could build something like this on the grass at Kilmory and use it instead of the council chambers. Saying that, there are a few Councillors that might not be mature enough to use it.

    There are a couple of Officers that could be handcuffed to the roundabout and spun like they are on the waltzers until they puke.

    Seriously though, well done to all those involved in this initiative and in raising the money in these hard times.

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  2. Crazy, how about keeping those comments on the relevant article?Instead, this thread has already been kidnapped and is completely ignoring the subject it is about – a social enterprise building new play facilities for the kids.

    Yes, this site is all about the ability and right of the readers to contribute, but does every flippin article from you need to revolve around bashing Councillors and officers?

    See what I did there Crazy? ;)

    Seriously though, how about ‘The Playz’

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

    • I don’t bash Councillors Simon, but recent events at Kilmory must have even the most discerning of people scratching their heads.

      Bashing Officers? The ones that deserve it? Every chance I get Simon ;) But you should know that already.

      Forgive me for trying to have a laugh.

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  3. I’m very disappointed with the chosen site , it’s too exposed to the wind and rain and compares unfavourably with the Kilkerran play area which is sheltered on three sides and has been the play park of choice for generations of Campbeltown youngsters .

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  4. The existing Playpark, whilst being sheltered also makes it very damp and a haven for midges. It is also on contaminated land, which is ok if it isn’t disturbed but means its not possible to construct any new equipment there. Jocks boat is adjacent to the new Playpark and is very popular with families, as it is open, bright and very accessible from the Town (and for wee ones being within easy teach of toilets is important too). :-)

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

    • Yes , it’s certainly open , that’s my complaint ,it’s too open to the elements.
      There were toilets at the existing playpark until the Council closed them .
      How long will it be before Argyll & Bute Council flog off the existing park for housing regardless of the supposed “contamination” ?

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