UKIP complaint against BBC Scotland

UKIP is in the process of making a formal complaint against BBC Scotland for excluding it from  participation in  two hustings last week in connection with the Aberdeen Donside Holyrood by-election.

The party was not invited to a session wit the Aberdeen Youth Council, not was it asked to have representation on the BBC Radio Scotland hustings, Big Debate with Brian Taylor last week.

A party spokesman has noted that its candidate, Otto Inglis, is polling ahead of the Liberal Democrats who were included – at 9% to the LibDems 4%.

The discrimination is actually worse than UKIP are complaining about. Listening to Brian Taylor reporting on the Donside campaign a couple of says ago, he failed even to mention that UKIP is contesting the seat – a matter  noticeable for its eccentricity.

Yes, they might argue that the party is electorally unknown in Scotland and that they do not, as a matter of course, mention every candidate in every contest.

But, in editorial judgment, that does not stand up against the electoral and public impact UKIP has enjoyed south of the border. It is inconceivable that an objective editor would not ensure that at least mention was made of the appearance of this party in a Scottish election.

The most interesting thing about the Donside contest, in fact, is how UKIP poll.

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22 Responses to UKIP complaint against BBC Scotland

  1. If they were to include ukip scum they’d have to give equal cover to all tiny extremist irrelevant party’s … not enough time for that .. this isn’t England ya knows!

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    • ” This isn’t England ya knows ” That at least says you did a bit of Geography at school but equally says you did not do too well at English.
      Hopefully after another 15 months or so it will remain as Great Britain and the United Kingdom but please feel free to leave for another country you consider might be better.

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        • I have no fears as to how the vote will go – I’m staying as part of the UK ! Presumably you will too! As they say ‘ You know it makes sense”

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          • ‘ You know it makes sense”

            A quote from Only fools and horses I think Malcolm?

            Speaking of fools and horses, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is if you “have no fears”. William Hill, in this two horse race quote 2/7on meaning for every £7 you place on a ‘No’ vote being returned in September you will get £2, £9 in total at the payout counter.

            Now, given that as you expect it is a racing horse certainty surely that’s buying money? dive in!

            I however, will keep my hard earned cash in my pocket whilst remaining unsure how the vote will go, too many cards to be played surely?. In my relatively short time I’ve learned always to expect the unexpected and never to underestimate your opponent.

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          • Well you advised the other blogger to leave the country if they don’t like it. Of course this also applies to you. If you don’t like Scotland got to UKIP land where the extreme form of toryism exists


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  2. It’s not new. Some bloggers, like Guido, have been pointed out for some time that UKIP have been getting good results in national opinion polls and often ahead of the main parties, particularly the Liberals, but the Main Stream Media have been virtually ignoring them until recently.

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  3. Donside should be a 2 horse race — Labour vs SNP
    expect competition for ukip will be with national front to see who polls lowest …. both are wasted votes probably in the 200 > 250 zone at most

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  4. What’s new? It was the same in the 2010 national election televised leader debates. Only the three stooges were allowed to participate. As Labour were always saying, the rest were “irrelevant”.

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  5. I can understand national pride in BBC Scotland, and there’s no real lack of very able Scottish broadcast journalists, though some unfortunately tend to inhabit London.
    However, is BBC Scotland’s news & current affairs output fit for purpose? I long ago stopped watching Newsnight Scotland as it tended to be better than counting sheep, and seemed all too often to be bogged down in political navel-gazing of the most tedious variety. But there again, maybe that’s a national pastime, rather than (as I thought) just the result of many politicians – and not just in the central belt – being over-indulged in all their safe untouchable seats for what seemed like for ever.

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    • As you are well aware Robert I usually refer to the BBC as the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Amongst the many reasons I am sure they could think up for not giving UKIP coverage in Scotland is that UKIP are totally against Renewables and Windfarms because they see them as the complete waste of money and amenities that they are. Enough said ?
      Wee Eck wouldn’t like UKIP’s views being publicised as he crudely proved after Mr Farage’s last visit to Scotland. Salmond is a very very basic human being.

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  6. The rather sad thing is that UKIPS success from the right is because of a lack of leadership and opposition to membership of the European Union from the left .I dont believe for one minute the 24% of folk in England who voted UKIP in the local authority elections recently were all deserting Tories many were traditional labour voters fed up with nobody giving a straightforward option on an in out referendum .On the governments own numbers we are net payers out the way of £8 billion .Just imagine what socially productive things we could do with that resource .That is before you count the cost of maintaining Strasbourg and the rest of the European institutions .
    This week as an ordinary member of the Labour Party I received my voting paper for candidate selection for the next round of European elections.As a protest at my parties current lack of clarity on an in out referendum I put it in the bin ,

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    • Agreed there is a lot of evidence that UKIP is taking from all the parties and not just the Conservatives. It is very like the Liberals used to be when they took votes from both other main parties.

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  7. I think what UKIP is offering is just what we all need – something to liven up the dull everyday politics in this country and the stream of predictable reporting by the media – especially the BBC. Bear in mind that the BBC ignored UKIP until they dented the Conservative Party in the last local elections and then all of a sudden they were feted to the high heavens. UKIP need to be given a chance and why not ? They can’t muster enough quality candidates to ‘take over ‘ at this time but what would show us all their metal would be if they could control just one local council down south to display their wares. After all we gave the SNP a chance and they have failed miserably but at least we honoured democracy.

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    • Farage and democracy ?! I don’t think so

      Party based on providing fear as a means to win favour . Very similar to the better together buddies.

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