Police to establish if remains at Edinburgh beauty spot are Suzanne Pilley’s

As has been reported, someone walking their dog on Corstorphine Hill in Edinburgh on Thursday evening, 6th June, found human remains in a shallow grave there.

Police Scotland do not believe that the remains have been there for a very long time.

They are now using forensic tests and DNA  analysis to establish if the remains are those of Suzanne Pilley, who went missing after being caught on camera arriving outside her place of work in the city in the morning of 4th May 2011.

Sniffer dogs had located sites bearing traces of the presence of a body both in the basement of the offices where both Ms Pilley and Mr Gilroy worked and in the boot of her former lover, David Gilroy’s car, which had been the subject of serious cleaning.

Ms Pilley is understood to have been  murdered on that day; and her former lover, David Gilroy, was found guilty of her murder on 15 March 2012 and is serving a life sentence for the crime.

Her body has never been found, although erratic behaviour of Mr Gilroy’s on 5th May, in and around Argyll, had led to suspicion that Ms Pilley had been disposed of somewhere here.

It has emerged that the beauty spot on Corstorphine Hill, favoured by walkers and where the remains were found on the evening of 6th June was a favourite of Ms Pilley and Mr Gilroy.

The pair were walking enthusiasts and had camped and walked in parts of Argyll, particularly in the area around Glen Croe.

Ms Pilley’s parents have been informed of the development but as yet there is no confirmation of the identity of the remains, although it is understood to be female.

Update 09.10 10th June: The remains in question have proved to be female but are not those of Suzanne Pilley. Work to try to identify the woman involved is ongoing.

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7 Responses to Police to establish if remains at Edinburgh beauty spot are Suzanne Pilley’s

  1. not sure where your getting your information but it seems your trying to sensationalise a story that doesnt exist

    it is being widely reported that the police do not believe that this person is on the missing persons list

    also widely reported that they do not know if its male or female body

    also the police have publicly asked for it not to be speculated on the identity as not to cause distress to people whos relatives are on the missing persons list

    nice to see For Argyll taking the matter so responsibly

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    • The BBC, The Sunday Herald and the Mail on Sunday each reported materially identically to ourselves, although without the specific dates of the disappearance of Ms Pilley and of the judgment against Mr Gilroy.
      We all have to accept the validity of material we are given by reliable sources.

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      • actually none of those sources have stated it was a female body.

        The BBC are not reporting on their web site that police are investigating if it may be Ms Pilley, they have removed that after the police statement, which i thought you should have on your website in the fairness of reporting accurately

        Further more the BBC have stated in several reports that the police do not believe it is that of any known missing person

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      • Police Scotland have just now confirmed the remains are female, and also that they are certainly not Suzanne Piley’s

        Just goes to show a nice piece of responsible journalism by For Argyll, i sincerely hope it has not added any distress to the Piley’s by the wild speculations made here

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        • We assume that you are taking equally to task our fellow media outlets, BBC Scotland, The Sunday Herald and the Mail in Sunday, whose information was the same as our own and who also published it as, of course, we all had no reason not to do.
          Your effort to denigrate For Argyll is pretty tacky.

          Like or Dislike: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

          • well no as these media outlets removed the name as soon as police scotland stated that the person was not on the missing person list, which i note you still have not

            also now concerning this mornings statement from them which i pointed out to you earlier that you chose to reply defending your poor conduct rather than correct your article

            responsible journalism again…..

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