Mary’s Meals founder on his meeting with Pope Francis

Magnus Macfarlane-Barrow, founder of the childrens’s international  ‘food aid at school’ charity, Mary’s Meals, born in Dalmally in Argyll, is talking of his recent visit to St Peter’s in Rome to meet Pope Francis.

He says: ‘The work of Mary’s Meals has provided me with many unexpected, and undeserved, encounters over the years. It makes me feel embarrassed. It certainly isn’t fair. There are many around the world involved in Mary’s Meals who should have been further ahead in the long queue waiting to meet Pope Francis.

‘But of course I do know this wasn’t really about me, it was about Mary’s Meals and all of you. When I handed him that mug I did so on behalf of each one of us involved in the daily filling of those mugs. And when I handed him Child 31 I handed him each child who is fed by Mary’s Meals – and each child still waiting.

‘Since his election Pope Francis has repeatedly highlighted the ‘scandal of poverty’. A few weeks ago, he said that to address this “We all have to think if we can become a little poorer, all of us have to do this.”

‘I hope that all of you who have become a little poorer (materially) by supporting Mary’s Meals, will — regardless of our different faiths and beliefs and motivations — find encouragement and joy in this happy meeting that took place this week. ‘

Mr Macfarlane Barrow’s full account of this experience is online here.

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3 Responses to Mary’s Meals founder on his meeting with Pope Francis

  1. I congratulate the founder of Mary’s Meals on helping some of the world’s poorest people .
    A report earlier this year highlighted the fact that the Roman Catholic Church have a property portfolio worth in excess of 570 MILLION pounds , begun when Mussolini the fascist dictator gave money to the RC Church in 1929 for his regime to be recognised .
    This portfolio includes shopping centres ,luxury shops etc and perhaps the Pope of Rome should consider helping the poorest by cashing in at least some of this huge portfolio .

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      • ‘Criminal company’? – if you’re referring to the Crown Estate, there must be some doubt as to what it’s worth – given the contentious nature of some of its claims, notably in relation to control of the shoreline and coastal waters. But the ‘Catholic Corporation’ might also be of unpredictable net worth, given the news out of Italy this week that the new Pope is determined to clean out the Augean Stables, a.k.a the Vatican Bank.

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