First coastal rowing regatta in mainland Argyll finishes in pass under Bridge over the Atlantic

Seil skiffs

The Isle of Seil, host last weekend to the first coastal rowing regatta in mainland Argyll waters, saw three community-built St Ayles skiffs compete, one from Seil itself – Selkie, one from Mid Argyll – Uisge and one adventurer from the east coast, from Portobello – Ice Breaker.

Tigh an Truish

The two boats around on the second day, Sunday 2nd June, Selkie and Ice Breaker flew the flag for coastal rowing, in idyllic conditions, by taking to the Cuan Sound, on past the Tigh-an-Truish Inn and under the legendary Bridge over the Atlantic, across the road from the Inn.

Atlantic bridge seal island

The competition had been the day before. The greater experience of the Portobello crew may have been telling but the Seil crew will have taken encouragement from the speed with which they were starting to haul in the opposition.

A ceilidh in Seil Hall on the Saturday night heard Neil and Laura Kennedy and the voices of Seil Sound.

The event could be said to have been an ice breaker for coastal rowing in Argyll – with more to come in the future from skiffing communities in this cracking team sport.

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7 Responses to First coastal rowing regatta in mainland Argyll finishes in pass under Bridge over the Atlantic

  1. Please, through the pages of your site, can I appeal to those using the hideous term ‘bridge over the Atlantic’ to desist.

    The name is Clachan Bridge and has been so for over 220 years!

    Whether it crosses the Atlantic is speculative! There are many other similar links in the Northern and Western Isles.

    Should we now rename the Skye Bridge ‘The Atlantic2?’

    The grotesque ‘tourist route’ road sign at the junction of the A816 and B844 does not help and should be changed!

    Here endeth the rant!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 20

    • Of course it’s the bridge at Clachan Seil – but the ‘Bridge Over the Atlantic’ moniker is a bit of fun, with a foundation in slim fact and which presumably originated from the community itself.
      And it does draw visitors down to the slate isles who might not otherwise make the – worthwhile – trek. When the Atlantic Islands Centre on Luing is ready and in operation, that will be another draw for exploration.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 19 Thumb down 4

  2. They have had rowing races in Islay for the last few years now. Presently 4 skiffs used by multi teams in timed races organised by Islay Rowing Club who took over the job from Lagavulin Fundraisers.

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    • Sorry to have missed this – text amended to ‘mainland’ regatta. Future articles on this great communal sport will put Islay in its well earned place – ahead of the game.
      Have just looked it up – and see that the next race is on Saturday 15th June at 3:30pm from the Port Ellen Pontoons.
      Do the same teams row the same boat? Do the same teams stay together? Or are teams formed and reformed on the day and take any of the four boats? Did the rowing club build all four boats? Sorry for the fleet of questions but can’t see this sort of information on the IRC website.

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      • Ladies, Gents and Juniors compete with the 4 boats and most have been together since it all started. Great rivalry amongst them all on the day. Rhinns boys seem to be getting the better of the Port Ellen team recently.

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        • So – tacks on the road somewhere about Bruichladdich to slow up the team from the Rhinns before the next races from Port Ellen Pontoons then?

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  3. Actually there have been rowing races on the islands for hundreds of years now. The poster for the Seil regatta showed the Easdale miners in their skiff, over a hundred years ago.

    The Seil regatta was specifically for the St Ayles skiffs that are being built as part of Scottish Coastal Rowing and two of which have been built on Islay. Visit for more information.

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