Curiously similar situation with SNP group in Aberdeenshire Council

Argyll and Bute has been witnessing, since the local authority elections of May 2012, the SNP hierarchy much exercised to get its local group of councillors, the largest in the council, out of power and at all costs.

There is a curious parallel in this with a situation at Aberdeenshire Council.

It has been brought to our attention that, a couple of weeks ago, Aberdeenshire SNP Councillor Fergus Hood who represents East Garioch, left the SNP and moved to the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Hood has made it clear that his commitment to the SNP’s root cause, Scottish independence, remains the same and that he will vote in favour of that in the September 2014 referendum.

However although his new party is ‘comfortable’ with his pro-independence stance, Mr Hood, while making his personal voting intentions known, will not campaign for it.

The reasons he has given for his action in moving to the Liberal Democrats make familiar reading here in Argyll.

Councillor Hood says that he has lost confidence in the SNP group of which he was a member and which he represented in the election campaign.

His problem is that although, as in Argyll, the SNP group in Aberdeenshire was the biggest elected group of councillors, in striking likeness to the situation here, they were unable to form an administration ‘due to internal politics within the group’.

Virtually echoing the perspective of the SNP’s current Council Leader in Argyll and Bute, Councilor Roddy McCuish, Councillor Hood says: ‘The SNP is not going to win this [Ed: the independence referendum] only relying on SNP votes.’

Fergus Hood finds his Liberal Democrat colleagues ‘an approachable group with talented folk’ and says that he has been working amicably with them for some time on an informal basis.

He says: ‘It is the Scottish Liberal Democrats who have the right policies for Aberdeenshire and are delivering in administration on the council.’

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12 Responses to Curiously similar situation with SNP group in Aberdeenshire Council

    • There is no room up their sleeves as they are too busy putting some loose cash up their sleeves for “cash for questions” .
      Better together campaigners should we still be governed by unelected greedy gits from London metropolis?

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  1. What has Aberdeenshire got to do with “for ARGYLL”?

    I am therefore suspicious that your interest is purely in anti-SNP politicking

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 22

    • I think newsroom is pointing out similarities, and giving us details of the Aberdeen situation unfolded. That is no bad thing having the information. Whether you accept it as relevant is up to the individual, and chose to comment or ignore.

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  2. Aberdeen council Labour Convenor of Finance (who isn’t sure if he is a millionaire!) labour and Tories awarded themselves a 5% wage increasing while keeping council pay freeze for staff.
    Ex labour Lord Provost and councillor for over 20 years supporting SNP in bye-election.
    Just in case ForArgyll forgot to mention that there is a bye-election in Aberdeen.
    Now we know why they have posted something about Aberdeenshire!
    SNP will win again
    Lib dems and labour will not. Farage and UKip thought Edinburgh was as far north as they need to go and campaign No chance
    Aberdonians not sure where Argyll is !
    Re Westminster election for disgraced MPJoyce Labour up to its old tricks with the Union in trying to pick a candidate— Glasgow Council under investigation re “George Square” plans
    Darling ( switch my mortgage fame and financial collapse) off to see his pals at the Tory conference as he can’t stand Brown (no more boom and bust)
    News from across Scotland keeps the political balance !!

    Any reason FA bans news re the Toward scandal?

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  3. I think it’s pretty sad that this site has switched to an obvious anti-SNP agenda recently.

    There is always going to be local council drama with personal agendas and hurt feelings, but it’s a shame when some idiot local councillors repel people from the admirable aim of controlling our own country.

    Local councillors come and go.
    Some are good, some are bad – but at the end of the day they are all only juggling about limited resources they receive from central government.

    And in the long run, either we are in control of our own destiny and prosperity, or our neighbour is.
    I for one, am not going to let some individual councillors put me off the big picture..

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  4. Councillors come and go, but budgets last an eternity. They should had have an element of care and compassion to protect the most vulnerable in A&B. What we experience now is a backsliding administration and Mike Russell initially giving full support to the present draconian budget that attacks the elderly. When the public go up in arms about it, they somersault, by using the abeyance card or stay of execution. Stuan lodge is still on their hit list. AB, this administration is extreme right of the tory party and unfortunately the majority are SNP. You will have to face the facts that SNP bashing on elements of the budget is justified

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