Cargo ship MV Fri Ocean aground in the Sound of Mull

[Updated below 09.55 15th June] A cargo ship, the Bahamas flagged MV Fri Ocean, with a draught of 5.3 metres and carrying wood from Belfast to Varberg in Sweden.,  has run aground off the Isle of Mull, about 2.5 miles south east of Tobermory.

Stornoway Coastguard received a 999 call just after 6am this morning reporting that the 90-metre long vessel carrying wood was aground on rocks and was taking in water.

Her seven crew are reported safe, well and uninjured.

Tobermory’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat and Coastguard Rescue Team were tasked to the scene.

The Fri Ocean’s pumps are countering the ingress of water and that situation appears under control, with no listing and no reported pollution to the surrounding waters.

The Tobermory lifeboat is remaining with the grounded boat as of 17.00.

The ship appears to be Norwegian owned, was built in 2000 at the Damen Shipyards in the Netherlands and is Nassau registered.

Switching between AIS and Google Earth, there are some skerries just south of the eastlerly land bulge south of Upper Druimfin, which is approximately where she appears to be. Whether or not this is exactly where she is, she must have been sailing further inshore than one would have expected.

17.30 Update: MV Fri Ocean is about 30 yards up the beach with a gash in her hull. Her owners currently have salvage companies putting bids together for her recovery. It will only be when a salvor is appointed – which should be by the end of this weekend – that it will be known is she can be refloated or not. There remains no pollution from the incident.

15th June updates

09.15 15th June Update: MV Fri Ocean and the Tobermory Lifeboat are west of the north of Kerrera on the final approaches to Oban Bay, doing about 4 knots. The Fri Ocean and the Tobermory lifeboat have moved steadily and carefully through the Sound of Mull during the night. Their ETA for Oban had been 03.30, which would have been very quiet in terms of marine traffic, but the passage has taken much longer. Oban Lifeboat has launched and is at the entrance to the bay – although she may be tasked elsewhere.

09.30 Update: Oban Lifeboat is now with the Tobermory LIfeboat and th casualty. It looks as if she is being taken to the Lynn or Lorne anchorage, which we suspected last night might be the case. She’s currently just west of the headland at the south of Ganavan.

09.55 Update: MV Fri Ocean is now anchoring in the Lynn of Lorne. This takes the action from now on to another location, so we are starting a ‘Chapter 2′ story in a few minutes, on what happens next.


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13 Responses to Cargo ship MV Fri Ocean aground in the Sound of Mull

  1. Ran aground at 02.20 at over 10 knots on a course straight into the shore and then it took them around four hours to contact the coastguard?

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  2. Seems she’s on the move. According to MarineTraffic she’s just passing the New Rocks Buoy just North of Tobermory. Not sure where she’s bound. Lifeboat seems to be with her at the moment.

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    • Indeed she is – and at 22.30, the lifeboat is still with her, she;s showing Oban as her destination and they’re moving at 4.4 knots on 147 degrees SE – which does look like Oban – or the Lynn of Lorne anchorage?

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      • You have to wonder was she trying to resume her passage to Valberg and the Tobermory Lifeboat issued different instructions. This should emerge in the MAIB report.

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