10 Responses to Alert: serious flaw in RBS one-strike system which disables services on customer accounts

  1. I think you have to write to the General Manager / CEO / ? before you can complain to the ombudsman.

    I presume this also applies to National Westminster Bank as they will be using the same systems.

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  2. I’ve had similar ridiculous issues.

    Me: Hi, I’m enquiring about the credit card I applied for3 weeks ago.
    RBS: can I have your account number?

    RBS: ah, yes I can see why it’s not gone through, the address on your application is missing the first line, you must have missed it.
    me: Unlikely as it was automatically transferred when I applied through my online account.
    RBS: Oh
    Me: Were you planning on telling me?
    RBS: we did, we wrote to you two weeks ago
    me: I never got anything
    RBS: We sent a letter
    me: To what address?
    RBS: The one on your…..application. Ah, you’ll not have got it then?
    me: If the first line was missing , what do you think?! What do we do now, you know my address anyway as we’ve just been through security.
    RbS: We need to you confirm your address
    me: That’s what I just said – I’ve been through security and can confirm it now
    RBS: No, you need to write
    me: Write?
    RBS: Yes
    Me: Would you accept email from the email on my account?
    RBS: No – must be a letter.
    me: Why a letter?
    rbs: We need your signature.
    me: do you hold my signature on file?
    RBS: yes
    me: Are you sure?
    RBS: eh no, we don’t actually, but we need it anyway.
    me: But my online application didn’t need a signature, why do you need it now?
    RBS: It’s just what we need to do.
    me: So I’ve to write to you to tell you that the address on my account that you’ve had for years is my address and even although I’ve completed all your security questions, you want a piece of paper that could have been written by anyone?
    RBs: Yes

    I told them to forget it. This article is not an isolated case by the sounds of things.

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  3. “..until I hit the sort of negative impact that has just occurred. I will now be left for a week without any means of buying or paying for anything except by cash.”

    – and the cash you’ll get using your bank card…?

    There’s always the barter system… or a sub from the boss

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  4. So since December, you have not had a statement? Did you not wonder where they were or contact the bank to ask? Now THAT would have alerted me that there was a problem.

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    • Sorry for being unclear. I had not had statements for some time – not just since December. This followed strenuous efforts by the bank – and I understand that other banks did much the same – to persuade account holders to agree to having no hard copy bank statements. When my hard copy statements stopped coming, I could, of course, track my account online. So I simply accepted that change because one cannot fight everything.

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  5. This is not exclusive to the rbs group – one in particular, after a piece of mail was returned to them due to royal mails error, actually froze a joint account without any contact being attemoted with the account holders, despite the fact that these days you provide contact details of landline and mobile numbers plus email. It was therefore not discovered until the account holders attempted to withdraw money but were unable to. On contacting the bank they were put through to the fraud prevention department who talk through (as much to themselves as to the customer) about what he potential problems could be that resulted in the account being frozen, which can be quite scary for older people believing that they have been targeted for fraud and will not be granted access to their money until such time as they re-establish that they are who they are – which took some time as despite passing security and confirming their address, they were informed that they had recently sent a debit card to the wrong address at the other end of the country. There was no identity thief and there was no fraud, only the banks error (in sending the debit card to the wrong address) and RMs error in wrongly delivering a piece of junk mail. It seems that we hear examples of these safe guards affecting innocent people and we hear examples of long struggles of people who have been targeted for identity theft, battling to get their money back, not to be held accountable for debts run up and proving they were victims – I think banks are found wanting again..

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