Aberdeen Donside by-election: SNP hang on, losing 13.5% vote

The result of the Aberdeen Donside by-election for the Scottish Parliament, caused by the death of SNP MSP Brian Adam.

The SNP retained the seat with Mark McDonald – but with a reduced majority of 2,205, losing 13.5% of their 2011 vote; and with both Labour [Willie Young - up 4.8%] and Liberal Democrats [Christine Jardine up 2.29%] increasing their votes. The Conservative candidate, Ross Thompson, was fourth.

The votes cast were:

  • Mark McDonald (SNP): 9,814 – 41.9%.  In 2011, Brian Adam won, on 14,790, with 55.4%.
  • Willie Young (Labour):  7,789 – 33.31%.  In 2011, Barney Crockett was 2nd, on 7,615, with 28.5%.
  • Christine Jardine (Lib Dems):  1,940 – 8.29%. In 2011, Millie McLeod cane 4th on 1,606, with 6%.
  • Ross Thomson (Conservative): 1,791 – 7.66%.  In 2011 Ross Thompson was 3rd on 2,166, with 8.1%.
  • Otto Inglis (UKIP): 1,128 – 4.8%. Lost deposit [LD]
  • Rhonda Reekie (Scottish Greens): 410 [LD]
  • Dave MacDonald (National Front): 249  In 2011, Christopher Willett was 6th on 213, with 0.8%. [LD]
  • Tom Morrow (Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”): 222 [LD]
  • James Trolland (Scottish Democratic Alliance): 35 [LD]

The swing from the SNP to Labour was 9.12%.

The SNP will need to take 50%+1 of the vote to win the 2014 Independence Referendum. Today their vote fell by 13.5%, taking 41.9% in a campaign on the First Minister’s constituency doorstep, the party threw everything it had into winning.

Holding the seat means that the SNP retain their overall majority in the Scottish Parliament.

Total electorate: 60,242

Total votes cast: 23,396

Total valid votes: 23,378

Turnout: 38.8%

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26 Responses to Aberdeen Donside by-election: SNP hang on, losing 13.5% vote

  1. Farage will be goggling with glee; 4.8% is well over his conservative target of ‘over 1%’.

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  2. A poor night for Tories considering they usually throw central offices sink at these by elections. I can’t remember the last time the Liberals pushed them into fourth place in a by election. The Liberals must be pleased, if this signals the end of there hemrrhaging of support for the SNP. The main reason to the SNP’s antipathy for UKIP is that basically there both antipolitcs parties. The majority of the nationalists vote is rag tag coalition of tactical voters and people who “don’t politics”. While collecting data for the 2010 election, I was surprised when SNP’s voter told me he was switching to the BNP! The SNP’s electoral success is build on shakier foundations than they’d care to admit.

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    • Worth noting that, of the MSP’s Glen Campbell had in the BBC Scotland studio with him, the most impressive by far was Labour’s Kezia Dugdale. She fudged nothing, spun nothing, thought well on her feet, no trace of lumps of a pre-digested script fed in as often as possible, was articulate and warmly relaxed. Given that Labour also has Anas Sarwar, another impressive young politician, the regeneration of that party clearly has fuel in the tank.

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    • Anti politics party. What drivel. No nuclear weapons, support higher education, free prescriptions, wish to use Scots resources for Scotland. No means testing which is supported by the Tories and labour. No more illegal armed conflict.

      You were collecting Data for the 2010 election
      Remind me as to who is in power at Holyrood?

      If SNP is on shaky ground what does that say about the other parties

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  3. Another lost deposit despite the help of the BBC to give them air time compared to the other smaller parties like the Greens.

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  4. Please report accurately.

    You fail to mention a boundary change since the last election, bringing a traditional Labour voting area into the constituency.

    You also fail to report a survey on independence carried out by activists during the Donside campaign.

    You can read the results at http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/by-election-indyref-survey-yes-34-no-29-dont-know-37.1371770814?_=6b1be617fefe8c2648890a54acfeb98bc67a1b99

    A vote against the SNP is not necessarily a vote against independence.

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    • Of course a vote against the SNP is not a vote against independence – neither is a vote FOR the SNP a vote FOR independence.The electorate is quite sophisticated.
      The point is that the SNP are the party leading the campaign for independence – so whether former SNP voters are less impressed than they were with the calibre and focus of government or whether they are moving away from support for independence, a falling vote leaves the party less potent in persuasion for its raison d’etre.

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      • You implied in your article that the byelection result is somehow related to the referendum.

        It isn’t.

        Please report accurately, is all I am asking.

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      • Despite the Labour leaflets trying to turn it into a referendum”Poll” by asking all unionists to back Labour to show their anti independence support they similarly failed. So did the liberals and especially the Tories. This was a mid session local bi-election won by a good local candidate with another good local candidate second. I feel sorry for the Labour candidate though I think he was hampered by his party heavy weights not helped. Where was Alastair Darling?

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    • So with a boundary change including a typically Labour voting area the Labour candidate gains just 174 votes (over 2011) … no big shift to Labour then?

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  5. H20 very pleased to see you say something near true independence..”wish to use Scots resources for Scotland” so you are definitely NOT on for membership of the EU..super its about time someone highlighted how ALL our resources are overcome by the SnastyParty`s EU cover up. Just in case i have the wrong interpretation, any reply show explain precisely what happened to our fishing industry`s limits round the coast under the CFP…(yes that right it was ruined) lets see how long the separatist euro surrenderists can prevent a full debate about any proposed EU resources directive, coming into full force over all member states………Westminster to Brussels aka the end of a country when it turns to being a state….people are starting to see this and will only see more of it, the more the SNP have no option but to turn to the UK`s pound pensions borders rebate etc etc etc (the list gets longer by the day ;_))) simply as the EU is not fit for purpose & not fit for Scotland. UKIP are moving and moving in the right direction, just as a smaller party years ago, they are on the up,,,

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 8

    • Davy
      Can’t remember which station, possibly the one Ponsonby was on, but didn’t Lord such and such of your UKIP party last night live on the box when being questioned by the young interviewer, claim King Ecky the 1st was expelled from the Labour party for being too far to the left?
      What are your party on, do they know anything of what happens up here in Scotland? Do they make it up as they go along?
      No wonder Bernard ridiculed this factually incorrect statement consigning it swiftly to the bin.
      While I’m at it, Farage, your party leader, was also put firmly in his place by robust interviewer Ponsonby the other day when making a false claim live on the box likening the SNP to the EDL and doing so by citing the fact that the SNP won a Stirling By-election in the 60′s and before then were predominantly anti-English.
      Ponsonby said ” There was no By-election in the 1960′s”
      And the party you champion wonder why they lose their deposit and cannot even raise more votes than the toxic Tories in a post Labour stronghold constituency.
      What an utter embarrassment of a party shown up live on Scottish television as snakes in the grass, chancers and opportunists perfectly happy to make up their own version of Scottish political history simply because they could not be bothered to do their homework such is their disinterest in us, their interest in adding to their recent south of the border success their sole priority.
      As Newsroom says “The electorate is quite sophisticated”.
      They won’t pull the wool over our eyes as easy proof being their dismal performance

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    • You are deluded. Successive London Governmernts sold Scotlands fishing Industry to the dogs for favours on the common Agriculture ploicy and the British Government rebate. Starting with Thatcher in 1979. She had a fisheries Minister who only connection to the industry was eating a haddock supper. You get what you negotiate for and Scotland’s fishing communities were and are irrelevant to London. Think again Davy Boy and drop the name calling it is not necessary. Logical debate good the other a waste of time.
      For the record I support Indy but back EFTA like the Norwegians.

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      • What drivel , our Governments have never been “London” Governments , they are composed of parliamentarians from across the United Kingdom .
        For the record John MacKay MP for Argyll & Bute led many fishery negotiations for the United Kingdom Government .
        Try and get your facts right , not just parrot nationalist poison .

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  6. Oh dear Davy
    Upset your party lost its deposit again- no councillors, no msp’s no mp’s.
    No doubt there may be a few in community councils but too embarrassed to say.
    I am a European and a Scot.
    “separatist euro surrenderists” ??! You must have been up all night thinking up that one. How sad – is it nicotine withdrawal you suffer from?
    As stated before UKip’s main problem in Scotland is that most Scots and I will even include Labour in this do not have the “little englander” mentality of hate the jolly foreigner brigade ie don’t trust the French, the Germans, the Southern Europeans, don’t like immigration, wasn’t life great when the Empire was around and we were in charge. ad nauseum,
    At the moment such issues re fisheries are negotiated by the United Kingdom government who don’t give a monkies about Scotland I am sure you will agree.
    Starting at the bottom and will remain at the bottom thank goodness.

    Having said that it was nice that eventually Farage realised that Aberdeen is not Edinburgh

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 11

    • yep probably right i better not use that phrase again due to the latest headline of the crazy EU world..believe this folks as reported today..The European Parliament is to spend almost £2 million on press monitoring and trawling Eurosceptic debates on the internet for “trolls” with whom to debate in the run-up and during euro-elections next year amid fears that hostility to the EU is growing. Telegraph today.
      Funnny you should also mention nicotine heres another eye opening headline from EU today..Moves by the EU today to ban menthol cigarettes..”This legislation shows just how far the EU is prepared to go to control how we live and what we do. If people want to smoke menthol cigarettes, let them. What will the EU do next? Regulate what time we go to bed? Ban putting sugar in tea? Ban Buck’s Fizz because the orange juice disguises the alcohol? It’s utterly ridiculous.”
      i am a bit dismayed that the EU have someone in Scotland in you who can see fit to allow your tax money to be spent in this way, more and more people are realising the EU is out of control. Fisheries negotiations currently have the same effects in England Wales and NI..Scotland is not singled out as to be some special case, with more extensive compression by the EU. Fishermen in the rest of the UK are feeling the effects aswell. But somewhere like Iceland never will they have concluded they will NOT be continuing with any consideration to join the EU..if Scotland carries on being screwed over by EU i`ll need to go there to even see cigarettes..!! For the record i am Scottish first British second and proud to be but NEVER will be european.
      Finally for now, with refer to Edinburgh, where did the radical Independence movement come in Donside, thats right they are not a party yet wee Eck did not condem as an embarrasment to Scotland their actions against a perfectly legitimate point of view put peacefully.
      Nicotine..? youve got me heading straight for the highland park..;-))

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      • You really don’t get it Davy. The fisheries in the various parts of the British Isles are all totally different that is why a one size fits all does not work. We need control over the local fisheries by local people who understand the area and the balance of stocks not a bureaucrat either in London or Brussels.
        Your Party is London centric even more than David Cameron and the Tories. Your leader has just been ousted for offshore tax avoidance scheme [Farage] Lord Monkton claimed on T.V. on Thursday evening to be Scottish and that is his prerogative, he does live here. He unfortunately is not in touch with the majority of his “Countrymen” irrespective of which party they support.

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