Kenny Campbell wins 2013 MOKRun Half Marathon

MOKRun 28

[Updated 28th May with photo of Saturday's kids' runs.] In a time of 1.16.11, Kenny Campbell of Campbeltown – above, yards from the line – took the Mens’ Half Marathon at MOKRun [Mull of Kintyre Run] this morning.

MOKrun 2013 15

You’ll spot him on the front row at the start, looking as if he’s a stride up immediately after the off.

And what a start. In the biggest MOKRun yet, with 750 massed runners packed behind the line: the Half Marathon runners at the front and the 10K  RUN competitors at the back.

Notice that the start line sees all runners funnelled in to cross a blue rubber mat. This is the electronic counting device that records the exact time each microchipped athlete first treads on it. It is replicated at the Finish, below, which records the moment each chip crosses the line.

MOKRun 49

At the Finish, the top Half Marathon runners, led by Kenny Campbell, came in like racehorses on ice: tall, long-limbed, not a pick of flesh on them, all muscle, knees high, long reaching strides in a light glide that seemed to make no contact with the ground. Beautiful. Magnificent. How do they do that?

MOKRun 43

And here is Kenny Campbell after it was all over – with two armsful of silverware and a spectacular bouquet of flowers – that it’s not a man thing to carry, so 10K competitor, Jen Reid, did the honours. On the left is the fast 2nd finisher in the 10K SuperVet contest, Johnny McCormick.

MOKRun 42

Apart from the success of the event, the first thing that screams to be said is that the organisation – in all aspects – was absolutely impeccable. Hendrie Barbour’s is the muscular brain behind this, his civil engineering skills in precision, forethought and specification deployed without fuss and with utter clarity.

Hendrie Barbour MOKRun

We were at his 09.30 briefing of a hall-full of marshalls [a handful below] – and it was a model of an easy, uncluttered tour of the necessities.


The two runs had their 800 places all taken and a field on the day of about 750 – with microchips, numbers, marshalls, escort vehicles, traffic police and the ambulance service in attendance.

MOKrun 2013 5

We thought that the fabulous John Armour  – also of Argyll FM and Peninver Drama Group – was being hard on himself with his escort vehicle.

MOKRun 29

On his finish-line commentary John was breathtaking. With the aid of a digital spreadsheet and a team of marshall-spotters…

MOKRun 24

… every single runner was identified by John on the mic, on the last yards to the Finish – by name, by where they were from, by the race they were running – with encouragement for ‘a last wee sprint to the line’ and a demanded cheer to help the exhausted to get there.

MOKrun 2013 10

What looked like all generations in the entire population of Kintyre were on the streets of Campbeltown to cheer each athlete every step of the way.

MOKRun 31

The athletes were from all over UK – with about half from Argyll and the rest groups from Glasgow, Edinburgh,  Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and many cities in England – with one runner from Denmark and one from Oz.

Mr Teedale MOKRUn 2013 10K

The youngest was 15 in a field of quite a few youngsters.  The oldest was 80 – Mr Teesdale, above, from Campbeltown on the 10k. [Ever feel a wimp?]

MOKrun 2013 1

Before the start of the race, the Kintyre Schools Novice Pipe Band played an absolute blinder. While they were waiting to tune up, one livewire gave us a run for our money, playing hide and seek with the camera around a palm tree [very successfully]. We bided our time.

Kintyre Schools Novice Pipe Band

Then, when he was piping and concentrating under the eye of pipe major Ian McKerral, we caught him, above, when he may not have realised he’d lost the final game.

MOKrun 2013 6

Iain Hughes, whose father was from Campbeltown and now lives with his own family in Glasgow, had them with him as his support team, above – all talking carbs and times. This was Iain’s 8th MOKRun Half Marathon. He finished, below, 4th overall in the Mens’ contest and !st in the Mens’ Veteran – and just about on the time he had hoped to make. – 01.21.45. His young son is already a promising runner – winning the 1K Run for youngsters yesterday, 25th May.

MOKRun 32

The winner of the Womens’ Half Marathon, Mary McCutcheon, below, from Giffnock [01.32.39], took the cheers of the crowd in her stride.

MOKRun 35

Close on her heels was the second woman finisher, Shery Johnston, below, from Portobello, fast and fresh enough to have run on.

MOKRun 36 - 2nd woman

The effort spent by the runners was often visible and won huge respect from a warmly supported crowd.

MOKRun 25

There was a great cheer for television weatherman, Peter Sloss, below and for Campbeltown’s own BBC Scotland reporter, Jamie McIvor.

P{eter Sloss MOKrun 2013 21

Willie Young, below, until recently the successful and inventive sports development wizard at Argyll and Bute council, showed he can run the run himself in the Mens’ 10K.

MOKRun 27

And Jane Mayo, below, who will be more than ready for tonight’s [26th May] Centenary Gala Dinner for the joyful delight that is Campbeltown’s Picture House, whose development company she chairs, was cheered to the line in the 10k. Unstoppable.

MOKRun 27 Jane Mayo

The Mens’ 10K  was won by Duncan Cochrane from Cambuslang, in 00:34:57; and Yana Thandrayen or Portobello took the Womens’ 10K in 00:39:45.

David Paterson, of many things Campbeltown – including the Kintyre Forum and MOKRun, had said he wasn’t running this year – but went in disguise, taking donations in a bucket as he ran and coming back to the run-in, below, to cheer on the other after he’d finished himself.

MOKRun 33 David Paterson

Talking of David, we are indebted to him for the photograph of the impressively speedy contestants in the kids’ MOKRuns the day before, on Saturday 25th May.

mokrun kids 2013 25 may

On the esplanade, we met a lovely Bedlington Terrier wondering what all the fuss was about.

MOKRun 39 bedlington

And in the Royal Hotel’s Black Sheep pub afterwards, the first to the bar was a flamingo last seen in the 10K run – and already on his back.

MOKRun 2013

We’ll be back next year – this event is irresistable. But next time we WILL make it to Westport Beach before the runners.

Note: Race results can be found here on the Kintyre Forum.

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15 Responses to Kenny Campbell wins 2013 MOKRun Half Marathon


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  3. It is such an amazing event. And these photos capture a lot of what makes it so special -
    * local people putting on a first class event to rival any so-called ‘professional’ ones.
    * enormous number of local people, of all ages and backgrounds, getting involved in organising – in particular as race marshals.
    * transformation in the number of people locally who’ve got into running since this started – the real health benefits must be enormous – including loads of women/ mothers who are normally harder to reach by the fitness-promoters, across the country.
    * really attractive weekend for visitors to travel to Kintyre – as Newsroom says – from right across the UK and beyond.
    What’s not to love?

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  6. Nice article, would like to claim all of the credit for the organisation of the race, but its really due to the combined efforts of a superb committee – Elaine, Gail, John G, Fiona, Sid, Neil John and Rachel as well as the numerous others involved over the year

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