Argyll and Bute Council Coalition Cup 2013: runners and riders

Starting with horse racing – it could be argued that in this one we might as well play Pin The Tail on the Donkey in a race with too many novices and too many hacks in the same field. This is not a race for the swift and not all are in it to win it.

Check out the talent in the Parade Ring. We’ll examine the horse trading and the betting options later.


  • Mount: SNP
  • Rider: Sandy Taylor
  • Punters [11]: Sandy Taylor [Novice, Mid Argyll], Anne Horn [Kintyre and the Islands], John Semple [South Kintyre], Robert E MacIntyre [Bute], Isobel Strong [Bute], Gordon Blair [Novice - Cowal], Roddy McCuish [Oban South and the Isles], Mary Jean Devon [Oban South and the Isles], Louise Glen-Lee [Novice - Oban North and Lorn], James Robb [Helensburgh Central], Richard Trail [Novice - Helensburgh and Lomond South].
  • Form: Winner 2012 Coalition Cup. Galloped out of the Winners Enclosure. Disqualified. No good on the hard, prefers soft ground and better on the flat. Habit of throwing rider. No regular rider. Highest rookie Count: 4 out of 11 [36%]
  • Mount: Alliance of Independent Councillors
  • Rider: Dick Walsh
  • Punters [8]: Dick Walsh [Dunoon], James McQueen [Dunoon], Len Scoullar [Bute], Bruce Marshall [Cowal], Alex McNaughton [Cowal, Donnie McMillan [Mid Argyll], Duncan MacIntyre [Oban North and Lorn], Alistair MacDougall [Oban South and the Isles].
  • Form: Previous Coalition Cup winner. Lost last time out in 2012. Good on hard ground. Good over the sticks. Can veer off course. Most experienced rider on the track. Long time supporters but Hack volume high. Subject to regular doping checks. Rookie count: 0.
  • Mount: Liberal Democrat
  • Rider: Ellen Morton
  • Punters [4]: Ellen Morton [Helensburgh and Lomond South], Aileen Morton [Novice - Helensburgh Central], Robin Currie – Kinytre and the Isles], Rory Coville [South Kintyre].
  • Form: Menage in extreme urban/rural split; Lost 33% punter support in 2012 Coalition Cup. Only woman rider, holds her own. Goes for the prize races. Good on hard ground. Rookie count: 1 out of 4 [25%]
  • Mount: Conservative
  • Rider: Gary Mulvaney
  • Punters [3]: Gary Mulvaney [Helensburgh Central], David Kinniburgh [Helensburgh and Lomond South], Maurice Corry [Novice - Lomond North].
  • Form: Slow on any ground. Strong rider, impatient with mount, bored in poor competition. Unambitious stable. Rookie count: 1 out of 3 [33%].
  • Mount: Argyll First
  • Rider: runs three up – Donald Kelly / John McAlpie / Dougie Philand
  • Punters [3]: Donald Kelly [South Kintyre], John McAlpine [Kintyre and the Isles]. Dougie Philand [Mid Argyll].
  • Form: Rides in Argyll colours. No whip. Good stable regime. Trustworthy but can be whimsical. Not a sprint specialist. Rookie count: 0.
  • Mount: Argyll and Bute Independent Councillors
  • Rider: George Freeman
  • Punters: George Freeman [Lomond North], Robert G MacIntyre [Novice - Lomond North]
  • Form: Experienced and skilful rider. New mount. Rookie Count: 1 [50%].

Spare mounts

  • Mount: Elaine Robertson [Oban North and Lorn]
  • Form: Experienced. Trustworthy.  Respected performer. No record of retirement
  • Mount: Vivien Dance [Helensburgh Central]
  • Form: Experienced. Change to independent stable means no rider. Focused. Enjoys prize races.
  • Mount: Iain Angus MacDonald {Oban North and Lorn]
  • Form: Novice. Likes a challenge. Quick over the sticks. Can tire.
  • Mount: Michael Breslin [Dunoon]
  • Form: Novice. Runs in blinkers. Threw rider in early fall on mid-height fence first time out. Not good over the sticks. Better on the flat. Form in throwing rider. Currently without a stable but may get a second chance at SNP yard.  If he does, their Rookie Count will go to 5 out of 12 [41.6%].
  • Mount: Fred Hall [Oban South and the Isles]
  • Form: Novice. Threw rider in late fall first time out over the sticks. Currently without a stable. Likely to prefer the sticks.

Start choosing your picks and we’ll look at the betting options and the sales ring later.

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11 Responses to Argyll and Bute Council Coalition Cup 2013: runners and riders

  1. Newsroom I think you got the Alliance guide slightly wrong

    Single horse stable, easily confused with stubborn mule, supporting cast maintained in pens, run with blinkers, first horse to fit hooves in ears. Protected by stable hands unclear what their role is.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

    • Alliance are tactical masters, last the course, and ability to show the opposition a clean pair of heels.
      Lulls the rest of field into false sense of wellbeing, and then goes for the jugular on final furlong. Form book suggests a winning run coming up.
      An old head watching rest of field go reckless.
      Neigh bother!

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  2. Has jockey Donald Kelly given up trying to ride two horses at once ?
    Elected as a Conservative & Unionist he prefers now to be known as Argyll First .

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

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