HMS Campbeltown to serve beneath the waters of Argyll?

HMS Campbeltown

Type 22 Frigate, HMS Campbeltown’s  final exit from her affiliate Argyll town of Campbeltown may not, however, have been her farewell to Argyll.

Our photograph above, caught her on 14th March 2011, already out of Campbeltown Loch and in Kilbrannan Sound on her way south to decommissioning, just coming onto view south of the landmark Davaar Island, guarding the entrance to the loch.

She had just fired her departing salutes to the town, in a front on address to its waterfront.

Now, however, the former frigate just might be on her way back to Argyll, to serve again – but below and not on the waves.

The steering group for the Sound of Mull Artificial Reef project have, in submitted a bid for her -  ambitions to clean her and sink her in the Sound. There she would quickly become a habitat for a rich variety of marine life. That, with her own history and nature as a former warship, would create a major draw for the leisure diving sector of the marine tourism that is fast becoming one of Argyll’s main selling points as an activity tourism destination.

The plans for her are based on an estimate of the creation of up to 16 local jobs and an annual revenue generation of well over £500,000 net economic impact for the Mull and Morvern areas.

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6 Responses to HMS Campbeltown to serve beneath the waters of Argyll?

  1. It will NEVER happen

    It took a lot of legal wranggling to get Scylla on the bottom.

    She will end up with her sisters and carrier cousins at Alang!

    Roumours suggest one may be sunk by Astute and Ambush in the next warrior ex!

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  2. There maybe a press release to the relevant people, there has been talk for sometime that Campbeltown would be sunk as a target for some time now

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    • Do you mean sunk as a result of being a target – or sunk as a subsea target for attack?
      Any idea where she might be sunk? NW Scotland? Out in the Atlantic near Tiree?

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      • If she is to be sunk as a target, she will more than likely be a surface target for the 2 A class submarines to prove their weapon discharge and fire control systems for real. This would probably happen in open ocean waters ie off the continental shelf.

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