Save Bearsden School wins on East Dunbartonshire Council’s merger proposal

The Save Bearsden Primary Campaign has been informed Lib Dem Councillors that the option of merging Bearsden Primary School and Castlehill Primary School has not been supported by Lib Dem Councillors and has therefore been dropped.

It is worth  noting that the Lib Dem councillors’ colleagues at East Dunbartonshire Council appear not to have been as promptly informed as were the campaigners.

The Save Bearsden Primary Campaign would like to thank everyone who took the time to engage in the consultation by completing the questionnaire, contacting their own and other EDC Councillors, attending Councillors’ surgeries and asking questions of Councillors and East Dubartonshire Council Officials.

They would also like to thank all their local Councillors – Lib Dem, SNP, Labour and Independent – who engaged with their electorate, listened and helped – and local MP, Jo Swinson.

The campaigners are looking forwards to working with all EDC Councillors to support Bearsden Primary in a refurbishment enabling it to continue to provide its customary quaity of educational and community benefits at the heart of Bearsden Cross for generations to come.

Here is the letter in circulation from Lib Den Councillor, Vaughan Moody, for Bearsden South: Moody Letter , making the position clear,

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3 Responses to Save Bearsden School wins on East Dunbartonshire Council’s merger proposal

  1. You have to hand it to East Dunbartonshire Council in the next debacle.
    So 6 Days before a democratic Vote is cast in what schools are going forward to the Statutory Consultation , the Lib Dems under severe pressure in their last power base in EDC ; have decided not to support Labour & Tories in closing Bearsden Primary.
    The much under valued site , or over valued according to the SNP at £ 1 million pound , will now cause a massive black hole in EDC coffers.
    Of course now the cat is out of the bag and Colquhoun Primary school will close to merge with Westerton. Again this is without a Democratic Vote in going forward to Statutory Consultation.
    As we see with Baldernock Primary , a small Rural school ; waiting in the wings to be included in EDC’s hit list. This dubious move of which the most underhand tactics are being used , is being fought by myself and Rona Hamilton.
    Baldernock Primary was supposed to be given a fair chance by myself passing a Motion at the Statutory Body of the Parent Council. I ensured that the Small School grant had to come off the top figure of Cost per Pupil. This ensures that the school is highlighted in a much fairer and honest light. However Senior Officers of the Council have dismissed this and presented figures of £8,100 per pupil , instead of £5,000. That just shows how much contempt EDC have for Rural schools.
    Thats 38 % of special subsidy dismissed by EDC and Labour Councillors are happy to quote the higher figure. Of course with the elected Council chamber being misled , this has filtered through to the Parent Council Forum and the wider electorate. The electorate have commented on this in their Responses to the Informal Consultation and want Baldernock shut due to the high cost !! I am still awaiting for the local SNP to raise this !
    Of course as I have fought for the 3 Rural schools alone in EDC , the Small School Grant was not taken off Twechar neither. So thats two Rural schools being projected in the worst possible light.
    Another serious problem is EDC deliberately withholding EU Rural LEADER funding to Torrance and Baldernock villages. This stops Baldernock Primary getting a 50 % Grant towards a new Portakabin. This Portakabin was deemed fit for purpose , then the Commission on Rural Education was misled with EDC claiming the Portakabin was condemned , and the school shut be buldozed down.
    When am I going to get help on Rural affairs in EDC ??

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  2. As an ex bearsden primary pupil from many years ago I am rather surprised that old building is still in use & the adjacent bearsden cross hasn’t yet been re-developed yet.
    I don’t believe a mere refurbishment is appropriate for that 100+ year old building … needs knocked down & replaced by a modern better thought out building ideally not on same site to allow for area’s redevelopment

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  3. The flippant way that Save Bearsden Primary campaigners here just completely dismiss, in this case Colquoun Park PRimary School – that can just close according to this article. What about those children’s futures ? The only two schools which are protected in Milngavie and Bearsden seem to be the two least suited to new education – neither of the very old buildings have a hall where the whole school can gather for assemblies and shows, which are commonplace in the other modern schools. Etc etc. The whole idea should be thrown out and perhaps just some re-jigging of catchment areas etc.

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