Positive Attitude PA23 – Dunoon votes YES to BID

With  47% of the PA23 business community in Dunoon completing their postal ballots for the Business Improvement District [BID] proposal, the result was a YES – with 60% of the votes, representing 78% of the rateable value of the postcode area.

This Positive Attitude is the signal that Dunoon is on the move – getting on with doing things for itself instead of waiting for them to be done for it, as it has been politically trained to do.

The proportion of the electorate that voted was higher than many in other Scottish BIDs.

The exhilarated and uncompromising announcement of the result made it clear, with its ‘no hangers on’ message, that this is an ‘all in together’ commitment to getting the town, with the huge conurbation of Inverclyde across the water, dusted down and geared up for change and growth.

The statement said: ‘ No Hangers On! Everyone contributes and everyone benefits. An important aspect of any Business Improvement District is that there are no hangers on. The legislation which provides for Business Improvement Districts to be established obliges those businesses in the defined BID zone to contribute. The majority vote carries the day but all businesses are obliged to contribute regardless of how they vote. This obligation strengthens the BID by ensuring that all businesses contribute – no hangers on! ‘

Well done Dunoon.

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10 Responses to Positive Attitude PA23 – Dunoon votes YES to BID

  1. “Well done Dunoon”.


    I heard tonight from a pal of mine who lives in Dunoon and he said he was in a shop when in walked two sheriffs officers. Apparently the owner of the shop has not paid her BID dues (she voted against it and didn’t want the BID) but, she has now been served with orders from officers of the court demanding she pay up. If she fails to do so then ‘the court will deal with her’.

    Frankly, this is quiteoutfeckinrageous!!

    The sheriff officers also mentioned they were ‘busy in Oban as well’.

    But, no worries, because For Argyll thinks BID is a ‘good thing’ as in “Well done Dunoon” – therefore ‘BID must be good’. Never mind the refusnicks appearing in a court near you anytime soon. Lynda has spoken – BID is good.

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    • AS you know, Simon, I don’t always agree with your sentiments, but this ‘no hangers on’ stuff has a slight whiff of the intolerant and undemocratic about it.
      However good the BID motives are – and I wonder why a decent local authority and chamber of commerce can’t together achieve the same? – it should surely be voluntary on the basis that success will attract the doubters and naysayers to ‘join up’.
      I thought that the concept of press gangs went out of favour around the same time that slavery was abolished.

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  2. If bids is to be truly beneficial to the local business community why do you have to start with threats of a visit from sheriff officers when you have voted against.
    If its my business with all the financial and other various pressures to survive why should I pay for something I don,t want to be part of.
    Bids has the potential alongside many other factors to help local shops survive but it should not be with a financial gun to there head.
    Cheers Neil.

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  3. Robert, I really think this an awful development.

    Neil – do you know of businesses in Oban being visited by sheriff’s officers for not paying BID money???

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  4. Simon away this week but will check when I get back.
    Have certainly talked to business people who are not happy with the way it’s set up and would like out.
    But what way legally do they turn ? Does anyone have any idea why this is legal it seems to me a very strange way to encourage any business participation.
    Cheers Neil.

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  5. I do agree. Forcing people / businesses to participte in something they do not want / cannot afford, is not the way forward. Well done to those areas that voted against it e.g. Mull.

    Just out of curiosity, did Fort William vote against it too?

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    • I think they voted against it (Fort William & Lochaber) thanks to a NO BID group.
      I know the Mull & Iona BID was kicked into touch last year with a resounding NO and a record turn out in the voting process. This was achieved through the incredible hard work of a handful of businesses on the island in just a short 6 week period leading up to the vote. It is one of the most undemocratic, ill thought out and divisive pieces of legislation ever conceived and sadly because it is so misunderstood it tends to sneak in under the radar before it’s too late for businesses not in favour to respond collectively before the voting date. Frankly I am surprise that nothing has been done to review this legislation or any attempt to have it revoked but I am not surprised that there is now this situation in Oban and Dunoon.
      I also know Lynda was very supportive AGAINST the Mull & Iona BID last year because she had taken the time to read up on it and could, like many of the businesses on the island see that it just would not work (for many reasons),was incredibly unfair and divisive. The legacy of this division is still evident on the island 12 months later!

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  6. Whilst I have no idea whether this has anything to do with BID23, there was some bemusement in Dunoon about the latest change in Argyll St.

    A sports shop has moved from its premises at street level to the basement which has no windows and a door onto the rear car par and the furniture and carpet business which formerly operated in the basement is now operating at street level.

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