North West Marine helping Oban Bay Community Berthing get ready for the 2013 sailing season


This idyllic shot was taken this afternoon [1st March] by Dr Duncan Martin.

It shows North West Marine‘s LAXI on duty, servicing and testing Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd‘s visitor moorings and landing stage at Cardingmill Bay in Dungallan Park in Oban.

This great facility, near Oban Sailing Club and the base for  Stramash outdoor activities, is now in great shape and ready for the start of the season.

And in weather like we’ve been having lately, who doesn’t want to be on the water?

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7 Responses to North West Marine helping Oban Bay Community Berthing get ready for the 2013 sailing season

  1. Firstly. The visitors moorings lie in a tideway effectively an open roadstead – tide over wind results in a heavy mooring chain contacting your topsides, with resulting damage. Secondly. landing rights are applied rigorously, it is an expensive berth if you overnight on Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd buoy then come alongside at that company’s facility they can and will charge alongside by the half hour – check availability & prices online at . Thirdly. Water and rubbish facilities are available but showers and loo may or may not be provided at the sailing club, by prior arrangement.
    Definitely not a favorite berth of mine. Best arrangements are across on Kerrara try

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    • To the person who clicked the dislike button. You may dislike the chronology or prose, but by comparison with other mooring and laying alongside arrangements this is expensive when boat damage at the mooring is taken into consideration. There are other anchor and mooring facilities around that are more sheltered and have more amenities. it would be dishonest to tell others that this was an OK place to pick up a mooring without a caveat.

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  2. I can assure Hamish and others that if you have paid for an overnight mooring then use of the landing stage for a reasonable time is free.

    Obviously many owners like being alongside on Kerrera with all the facilities and don’t mind being tied to the ferry timetable to get into Oban; others much prefer a swinging mooring with access whenever. It’s your choice. And this year the pickup chains are sheathed so they won’t stain your deck or scratch your topsides.

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    • Hi Duncan. Good to hear that the chains are now covered. I got charged because I did a trip to Tesco and pick up crew at the Station. Your “pier master” collected for additional pontoon docking, equal to 2.5 hours alongside – first half hour free then each half hour at £2. So a night at buoy and and along side cost around £23 – repair to gouges to bow and forefoot say £30 in labour and materials. I found it a costly business using your facilities. Ouch!

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