More self-inflicted damage on Facebook

This time its East Dunbartonshire Labour Councillor, Gemma Welsh. She’s the one on the left in the photograph linked here on her own Facebook page.

And she’s considered sufficiently mature to vote on closing schools for other peoples children?

Kids like this need to get a life before they’ve got anything to bring to politics beyond the freshness of youth and inexperience – and Ms Welsh looks like she’s keen on getting a life.

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12 Responses to More self-inflicted damage on Facebook

  1. I think Newsie it is you who needs to get a life, or are you just going to keep going through your list of councillors and searching for them on Facebook so you can come across all moral and superior?? Apart from this photograph what do you actually know about Gemma? FA i bet. I think you need to take a serious look in the mirror before you start making ill informed judgements about other people.

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    • Oh oh – you used the FA acronym . . . .

      I managed to get an entire page of irate nonsense when I did that on the last ‘Facebook expose’, plus a record number of thumbs down from the usual groupies frantically resetting their routers to get a new IP address so they can vote again.

      I have to agree, this is all a bit rich after the righteous indignation over the Kilmory ‘sock puppet’ scandal.

      The link doesn’t work any more, so some kind soul has obviously told Gemma Welsh she has a stalker.

      Pity Newsroom didn’t just think to do this instead of gleefully splashing it tabloid-style.

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  2. Worth highlighting the picture was taking over three years ago well before she was elected. A little ‘clumsy’ to not do a little ‘cleaning’ up of public profile info when she was elected however she was probably still in school when it was taken.

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  3. Knowing some of the antics current Cllrs of ALL parties got up to in the early years – it’s probably just as well mobile phones/photos and social media weren’t around then…

    As the Man (almost) said ‘Let She who is without Sin cast the first stone…’

    Have a good, righteous and virtuous day :)

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    • Well Crazy it looks like she has removed it. It was a picture of a young woman doing what young women do in a jokey manor. It had absolutely no bearing on her ability to do her job. It was buried deep in her profile so must have taken some digging out by some sad individual. I wonder who that was? No doubt she is too busy frantically searching for more photos on some other unsuspecting councillors private life.

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  4. I will not be showing my daughter this photo. Some role model she is.

    8,232 pupils will have their future decided on by this Councillor and others like her.

    Some Politician in East Dunbartonshire she is Councillor Geekie after being in Daily Record about sexism in Politics and in Life !!

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