Bake Highlands and Islands with BBC ALBA ‘s Mairi MacRitchie

fuine cop of tea

For Mairi MacRitchie, baking is one of life’s great pleasures – making it and eating it. 

Not hard to identify with that.

BBC ALBA is hitching a lift on the current craze for baking with a new series Fuine – Home Baking. This series is just that – home baking, as Mairi, from North Uist, travels the Highlands seeking out talented home-bakers in their own kitchens, wheedling their special recipes out of them and sharing them with the audience.

The first programme homes in on one of everybody’s favourite treat – fruit loaf – a winter warmer of a  comforting home baking delight.

Mairi makes her way to Barra where the island’s annual ‘Produce Show’ is taking place and meets Mary Anne Ferguson in her travels  – busy preparing cold-tea loaves for the hot competition.

School-cook Flora Campbell shows Mairi how to make a delicious gingerbread, following a recipe that’s been in Flora’s family for some time.

Home in North Uist, Mairi sees Joan MacDonald make a fruit loaf that’s something of a surprise – Joan uses up some of the surplus courgettes grown in her garden.  Hmmmm

Back in her own kitchen, Mairi bakes some of her own favourite fruit loaves, using recipes that are simple but delicious and that anyone can bake at home.

This new BBC ALBA series, Fuine / Home Baking switches on the oven for 30 minutes at 20.30 on Friday 22nd March.

Note: The photograph, top, shows Mairi McRitchie in North Uist with Peggy Hill in North Uist.

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6 Responses to Bake Highlands and Islands with BBC ALBA ‘s Mairi MacRitchie

  1. I hope you publish a wonderful book and show some of the lovely through the window scenery – I watched canapés and have fallen in love with Islay – I think the bakers are fantastic – no nonsense cookery – and beautiful scenery – I also love looking at their kitchens.

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  2. Has there been a book published for this series or is there one due to be published and could you keep me informed of future developments.

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