Baillie says Royal Alexandra Hospital failed Waiting Times targets for three successive years

Local MSP, Jackie Baillie, has hit out at the Scottish Government after First Minister, Alex Salmond, played down A&E waiting time failures in the Scottish Parliament last week.

This follows the publication of a new report by Audit Scotland, which found that the number of emergency patients seen within the four-hour waiting time target fell to 90.3% in December 2012, the lowest ever recorded since the target was introduced in December 2007.

During December 2012, the number of people that spent more than 12 hours in A&E was the highest on record (323 people).

At the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, a major health destination for patients from Argyll, which receives A&E casualties from Dumbarton, Vale of Leven and Helensburgh, 479 patients were left waiting more than four hours for medical assistance in December 2012.

The study also found that the RAH has failed to meet the 98% waiting target for four hour waiting times for the last three years.

In January 2011, only 86% of patients were seen by a doctor at the RAH in four hours or less, with seven reported instances of a patient waiting more than 12 hours for treatment at the Paisley hospital since 2007.

Jackie Baillie says: ‘Last month, 93-year-old, Mary Scott, from Renton, was left waiting six hours for an ambulance with a suspected stroke and had to wait a further 6 hours for a bed in a ward.

The Scottish Government needs to stop playing games by sweeping these figures under the carpet. The reality is waiting times are being missed at the RAH and at hospitals across Scotland on a monthly basis. This is simply not good enough.

‘It was the Labour Executive that announced the four hour A&E target in 2007, but the Scottish Government’s own statistics said this week that the last time compliance was met across Scotland was September 2009. This is the shocking reality being faced by patients the length and breadth of the country.

‘The strategy of blaming someone else isn’t going to work.  They need to take responsibility for their choices.  They chose not to be prepared for winter, cut beds and nurses and make the NHS do more with less.’

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5 Responses to Baillie says Royal Alexandra Hospital failed Waiting Times targets for three successive years

  1. No disrespect to NHS staff, but the RAH has been a nightmare since the Vale’s services started getting transferred there. Its just ridiculous that people north of the Clyde have to go to a hospital way over there when there are 2 perfectly good ones this side that are quicker and easier to get to.

    I had the experience of my mother being in the RAH last year, in the intensive care unit. In a ward that was filled with women who had been for or were waiting on heart operations, they put a mentally unstable woman who became violent, abusive and threatened the patients she was sharing the room with, including my mother. Just what you need after a heart attack.

    Bad enough NHS staff have to deal with this, but having to mix unsuitable patients due to lack of beds is not good practice. It could have ended with tragedy.

    You have to wonder about a hospital built on a hill so steep that they have to run a bus up and down from the bottom of the car park for people to use as it is impossible for people with disabilities and mobility issues to climb it from where they park. They have very limited disabled bays at the front door of the hospital which are constantly full, often with staff, police and non-disabled badge holders. Bearing in mind the high ration of people attending hospital are not healthy in the first place, a nice we walk up an incredibly steep hill is beyond common sense.

    And then there is the ridiculous journey that must be undertaken to get there and back. We’re lucky, we have our wn car, but still took 2 hours of each night to get there and back to Luss. My dad would not have been able to visit at night because he finds it difficult to drive at night and if it wasn’t for us, his other option would be daytime visiting which is only for 30 mins. Then there is the ever rising cost of petrol, making this journey non-viable for people on limited incomes and leaves them with the bus option. I have no idea how long that takes, but must be a nightmare for the elderly, disabled and those struggling with children to use.

    What if the Erskine Bridge is closed? (for whatever reason). The alternative route is all the way to Anniesland – passing the Golden Jubilee, Gartnavel and almost reaching the Western – through the Clyde Tunnel – beside the Southern General – back to the RAH in Paisley. Are we kidding here? Nevermind the journey for relatives and loved ones, what if you are in the back of an ambulance?

    Something must change, either services return to the Vale or be moved to the lovely new(ish) Golden Jubilee – but then again, that will require the powers that be to exercise some common sense and that they actually hear what the majority opinion is of the people depending on these services.

    Rant over.

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  2. Is this the same RAH that Baillie’s LIEBOOR party wanted to close down by a death of a thousand cuts

    I wouldn’t trust baillie as far as I could throw her and belive me that wouldn’t be very far, if I could even lift her
    Health Spokesperson – PAH, they’ll be getting Eric Joyce to be spokesman on violence and drink next

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  3. The site of the RAH was formerly Riccartsbar Mental Hospital. It was a popular place for Labour politicians with delusions of importance.

    It was the Labour Secretary of State for Scotland Willie Ross who chose the site in 1966. He thought the walk up the hill would kill you or cure you.

    Would Jackie Baillie like to tell us the stats for the RAH while Labour were in office? Nope, they didn’t keep them. I wonder why?

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  4. I wouldn’t believe Baillie if she told me today was Thursday – if only it was her nose that got bigger when she lied

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