Argyll and the Isles Tourism fronting two marine tourism workshops at Scottish Parliament

Tomorrow – 8th March, Carron Tobin and Mike Story from Argyll and the Isles Tourism Ltd, will lead workshop sessions on marine tourism at Holyrood during a one-day conference on that topic: ‘Marine Tourism: Scotland’s Sleeping Giant – How marine tourism can realise its potential for growth’.

The conference is hosted by The Cross Party Group for Recreational Boating and Marine Tourism.

Key workshops in the events are:

  • Capitalising on our assets: Carron Tobin and Mike Story, Argyll and the Isles Tourism Ltd
  • Building our Capability: Caroline Warburton from Wild Scotland and James Stuart from the Royal Yachting Association, Scotland [RYAS].

The event takes place in the Main Building at the Scottish Parliament; and the role given to the representatives of the Argyll and the Isles Tourism cooperative demonstrates the impact the organisation is making for Argyll in this important industry.

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4 Responses to Argyll and the Isles Tourism fronting two marine tourism workshops at Scottish Parliament

  1. I wonder why, when the vast majority of marine tourism takes place on the west coast, these workshops are taking place in the east?

    Could it be that they don’t want too many of the people who run such businesses there to interfere – or tell them some home truths? I hope not.

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    • It could be down to basic facts – geographical and political – that make Edinburgh a more accessible venue for the participants (and avoids any risk of niggling over one west coast venue being favoured over others.
      So, is it not at least possible that workshops at the Holyrood venue will be more productive than if they were to be held somewhere on the west coast that was less accessible to many of the participants?

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      • Ah yes, I see now. If they are trying to influence politicians and others they need to be there. I must confess I hadn’t read the initial report carefully enough. Having been involved in marine tourism for many years in the west, I remember the STB (or whatever these days) and the industry seemed to talk past each other, rather than engage in any meaningful conversation. I still have a bee in my bonnet about it. :-)

        I now see this is different. Argyll going to see them to press the case.

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        • Tony

          Thanks for your insights. We are working on the premis that Argyll and the Isles have 50.13% of Scotland’s coastline, so we deserve no less than 50.13% of investment. Hollyrood is the place to get the message across, along with being able to hold our area up as one of the great inshore water systems of Europe.

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