Oil pollution in Argyll streams from work on hydro project

Alan Smith, a 48 year old director of A&C Construction in Crieff in Perthshire has admitted in court to activity liable to cause pollution.

This activity was in respect of the building of a ford the the Castles Estate Hydro Project in Dalmally in Lorn.

The consequences of Mr Smith’s works were the pollution by solids contaminated with oil os a series of streams in the area:

  • Allt Coire Lair
  • Allt Coire Chreachan
  • Allt Mhoille
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8 Responses to Oil pollution in Argyll streams from work on hydro project

  1. A retread of an article in many of yesterdawy’s papers where it seems a subcontractor installing a pipeline and creating an access ford across a river allowed a plume of silt and suspended solids to enter water courses.

    In an attempt to discredit green energy projects, and the Scottish Government, the Scotsman actually declared that ….” a hydro scheme designed to generwte power destroyed a colony of fresh water pearl mussels”.

    Nonsense of course because any contruction work be it a school a hospital, a bridge or a road can cause pollution if carried out negligently or carelessly.

    Good thing that the ForArgyll would never attempt such biased and misleading reporting.

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  2. Yes, and forestry extraction too, which caused weeks of mucky brown water in our house….

    All sorted now, as nature heals its wounds.

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  3. And your point Lowry, it missed me, or was there one.

    As Dp points out, forestry extraction can also pollute water with disturbed solids. So what is, too use a currently topical word, fracking daft about what I said.

    Belly, mouth, open rumble, are other words that I think of when I read a comment such as your goodself has just posted.

    Going out now, catch you later, cha.

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    • It seems to have been more than ‘disturbed solids’ in this case – the solids were apparently contaminated with oil.
      These days new road construction for windfarms seems to involve precautions against silting of watercourses, and I imagine the same applies to forestry roads etc construction, so this case does sound particularly reckless.

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      • Actually, Hydraulic fluid and gear oil…no berming, no fuel spill procedure in place, etc..etc… poor contractor with a veneer of an environmental management plan… Serves them right…lets hope more shoddy operators follow.

        just a shame some folk can’t seem to distance themselves from the renewables (not green) energy connection.

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  4. The ford could just as easily have been constructed as part of a process of timber extraction or pretty much any other kind of development.

    The fact that it was a hydro project that wrecked the river is ironic, but otherwise irrelevant – and to Newsroom’s credit she has not slanted the article this way.

    I too found yesterday’s Hootsmon article hysterical in tone.

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