Here in Argyll: the first commercial Trend Analytical service in the world

Now this really is a first.

Share market predictions are associated with the insider world of the finance industry.

Successful share market predictions attract the fame of Warren Buffet.

But there is a quiet operation going on in and linked to Argyll that is producing some pretty staggering results.

For example, a week ago – on 1st February 2013, at 8.47pm, the Dow Jones reached a high of 14019.8 points. The company we’re talking about had not only predicted that – at 14020 points – but had done so and published its prediction no less than two weeks previously.

Now that’s going some.

Trend analysis is something generally regarded as not available to the private investor.

This is the domain of Warren Buffet who obviously must use similar techniques to achieve his 60%+ success rates.

The Argyll company has been providing reports, quite discretely and privately, since 2010.

Then it made a decision to go public, rebranding as Trends and Targets and providing the first commercial Trend Analytical service in the world.

Trends And Targets Ltd is a family company – the brainchild of Alistair Strang, a writer and a retired programmer/designer living in Argyll.

Alistair’s book, State of Independence, described as ‘a thriller about the bloody rebellion by the Scots in the 20th century – and how England finally dealt with them’ is seriously rated, but he is clearly a man of wide talents.

Everyday mythology does not tend to locate the talents of a writer of literature with the world of the meticulous detailed analysis and obsessive observation of share and share index movements that breeds a successful financial analyst.

But there you are. Alistair Strang is the exception that proves the rule.

His daughter, Jaclyn Strang, is based in Edinburgh and runs the daily business side of the company, using Alistair’s bespoke software and techniques to provide pre-market forecasts for over 100 shares – along with some Forex, Index and Commodity movements.

The first few paragraphs of their daily projection are published free on the company website here, with the nitty gritty, reserved for paying clients.

This morning, by the way, 6th February, they’re saying: ‘Only once London exceeds 6354 can we safely regard the FTSE as ‘going up’ again.’

A really interesting pattern of user behaviour has emerged from Trends and Targets going public

The company gets a constant stream of emails thanking them for the fruits of their predictions – but users are keeping the service as a personal secret, squirreling it away for their own use and hoping no one else gets to hear of it.

A faint hope – and a daft perspective.

It makes no difference how many people take advantage of the expertise of this unique service – and, for those who play the market, Trends and Targets would seem a clever and effective piece of kit.

The sheer perversity of a hotshot financial industry specialist operating out of Argyll grabs the imagination – and proves just what broadband was always supposed to make possible.

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