Council planning committee rejects two separate single 85 metre turbine applications

Argyll and Bute Council’s planning committee has signalled strongly that it intends to abide by the conclusions of its own Wind Energy Capacity Study.

At the end of January and within a week, it twice rejected applications for two very tall single wind turbines whose size and locations were deemed entirely unacceptable.

On Wednesday 23rd January, the planning committee refused permission for an 84 metre single turbine at Spion Kop on the Skipness Road in Kintyre.

A week later on the 28th January, at a full discretionary hearing of the planning committee, permission was refused for another single 84 metre wind turbine at North Beachmore, near Muasdale in Kintyre.

Reports from the planning authorities on both applications were quite scathing and both had given rise to a substantial level of objection from their local communities.

In line with the Argyll and Bute Wind Energy Capacity Study, the committee deemed, in turn,  that the locations and size of these turbines were not acceptable.

This is seen as a clear message to would be developers that inappropriately sited turbines  of industrial scale will be strongly resisted.

This sort of application – in the scale of the machines – pushes hard against the boundaries of a scheme for more easily consented single community or farm turbines – which has already been the subject of abuse by developers.

They came up with the dodge of making, say, four serial applications for a single turbine in adjacent properties, adding up to a small wind farm which, as such, would have been subject to different consent procedures.

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9 Responses to Council planning committee rejects two separate single 85 metre turbine applications

    • And wasn’t the proposal near the Skipness road from someone who’s got a habit of applying for one-off wind turbines well away from his home in North London, someone who was keen to lecture us about the ‘green’ virtues of his project? Nothing to do with it being ‘a nice little earner’, of course.

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        • Just commenting on a specific proposal that to my mind was an insult to all of us. Your own pronouncements involve so much manipulation of ‘fact’ that there’s no way you’d ever be able to count me ‘onside’, as I think you do serious harm to the credibility of a lot of genuine objection, and your attitude to people who disagree with you does little to encourage rational – adult – debate.

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    • But, to paraphrase Gordon Gekko, “Green is Good!”

      If the Bradford report is even partly true, then there is something very, very far wrong with the development. And I predict the solution to the problems will inevitably be conventional gas CH boilers.

      This sort of thing is what we, on a much wider scale, are up against: the uncritical adoption of expensive, inappropriate, ill-conceived and, on many occasions, unproven technology. As KayL’s linked report shows, the technical illiteracy of purchasers can make this whole field a happy hunting ground for wide-boy “entrepreneurs” and snake-oil salesmen, eager to rope-a-dope at every level.

      Incidentally, whatever happened to that Scottish great new hope for green domestic energy production, Windsave, the supplier of “Plug’n'Save” wind turbines through B&Q, whose products were enthusiastically endorsed by former Ayrshire MP/UK Energy Minister and noted promoter of wind, Brian Wilson? No wonder Mr Wilson fitted one of these devices to his Glasgow home; if I believed that, for only ¬£2000, I could cock a snook at the laws of physics, then I’d have bought one too. Instead, when I first read in the Herald of Windsave’s claims, I reached for my calculator and chortled.

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  1. There is a photograph on Page 4 of today’s Dundee Courier showing a 15kw wind turbine that lost a blade during recent stormy weather. The turbine was situated on Arnbog Farm, Meigle Perthshire and fortunately the blade which sheared off landed in the middle of a field.
    According to farmer Jim McLaren who has three 15kw turbines the problem happened after he fitted a longer blade to the turbine and he would be reverting to a shorter blade.

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  2. Environmentally friendly (also eco-friendly, nature friendly, and green) are ambiguous terms used to refer to goods and services, laws, guidelines and policies claimed to inflict reduced, minimal, or no harm at all, upon ecosystems or the environment.”;

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