Baillie exposes sham of ‘new’ Emergency Care Fund

Following disturbing revelations of poor quality care in some of Scotland’s hospitals and in anticipation of the worst A&E waiting times since 2007, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Alex Neil, has announced a £50million emergency care action plan to deal with the hundreds of patients continuing to wait over 12 hours for emergency care.

Scottish Labour has now shown that this fund is not ‘new’ money. It will be put together by clawing back money already given to health boards and combined with unspent money in other parts of the system.

Local MSP, Jackie Baillie Scottish Labour Health Spokesperson, says:’To find out this initiative doesn’t have a penny of new money but is simply taking money from health boards and from unspent money shows how empty the SNP’s promises are.

‘This is just smoke and mirrors. It’s spin. It doesn’t do anything for hard working nurses and doctors and is nothing more than robbing Peter to pay Paul.

‘To find out that this announcement adds nothing to the health budget, the day after we find out that A&E waiting times are longer than ever, is shocking.’

In fairness to the Scottish Government’s deceiving practice in such sham announcements, the m0st famous Scottish politician for serial indulgence in this sort of stunt was Scottish Labour insider and, briefly, party leader, Wendy Alexander.

Ms Alexander was exposed as reannouncing on multiple occasions funding she had already announced. It wasn’t long before every time she puckered up to say she was ‘announcing’ – you stopped listening because you knew you’d have heard it all before, often.

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2 Responses to Baillie exposes sham of ‘new’ Emergency Care Fund

  1. There is no such thing as new money and Jackie Baillie knows it. The Scottish Government has a fixed budget and has to work within it.

    Unlike ms Baillie’s party which mortgaged our future like a gambler locked in a Las Vegas casino with no supervision the Scottish government moves funds about based on priorities.

    John Swinney is widely admired even by the staunchest Unionists – they’ve told me personally- in how he has eked funds to maximise the benefit within severe financial constraints.

    While all the casino money was swashing about on Labour’s watch Ms Baillie allowed the A & E at The Vale Hospital to close. We have waited years for her explanation and her silence is deafening!

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