A83 on landslide alert with more rain today and gales tomorrow

[Updated 20.00] As of just before 04.00 today, Transport Scotland have the A83 back on warnings of increased risk of landslides at Rest and Be Thankful.

Road users are advised to exercise ‘extreme caution’ on this section of the road in the current conditions.

With more rain today, in the afternoon and during the night, turning to heavy showers and drifting snow in the gale force winds forecast for the hills of Argyll tomorrow, the vulnerable Rest and Be Thankful section will be under increased pressure – if the weather forecast comes to fruition.

Westerly winds are to be strong today, strengthening overnight and rising to gale force tomorrow, 4th February.

Disruption to ferry services is inevitable tomorrow.

20.00 update: As of now, At 20.00 the A83 remains subject to warnings of increased risk of landslides at Rest and Be Thankful.

A fleet of ferry journeys are warning of potential disruption tomorrow in gale to storm force winds; some are already cancelled for then – 4th February; and some will be under early review.

Forecasts for Argyll tomorrow emphasise gale force winds, to storm force for island routes off the west coast – and heavy rain showers, particularly on higher ground.

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3 Responses to A83 on landslide alert with more rain today and gales tomorrow

  1. As I said before we are going to be fed continuous announcements of “exceptional weather” on a weekly basis for the next umpteen years.

    The simple fact is that the Scottish Government is incapable of keeping a road open at the “Rest” and running a reliable passenger ferry between Dunoon and Gourock.

    Why is that, not enough votes in this area perhaps?
    What is our MSP Mike Russell doing about either problem, has he done anything effective at all?

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    • Mike Russell is what could easily be described as a political lapdog, he has done nothing. He has not spoken up for the people of Dunoon in the Scottish Parliament for new ferries for the Dunoon Gourock route.
      Is he so for down the pecking order within the SNP that he is instructed to keep his mouth shut? I think we should be told.
      Does he still not understand the problems people are having because of cancelled ferries. These are people trying to get to work,going to college or university,going on holiday therefore going to the airport, some people are trying to go to visit relatives in hospital or to hospital appointments, maybe just going shopping for things we cannot buy in Dunoon.
      There will of course be other reasons but that’s enough to begin with.
      You cannot plan anything ahead as you don’t know if the ferries will be on.

      It’s time Mike Russell said or done something constructive, does he think he was elected to sit gaping and banging his desk as smart Alex spouts off?

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