A83 diversion route may not be quite so near readiness as Transport Minister claimed

Transport Minister, Keith Brown, talked yesterday, 18th February, of convoys about to start testing the new diversion route up Glen Croe, for use when the A83 suffers a landslide. He also indicated that the route should open this week.

It seems that the Minister may have been a tad optimistic.

Last week he had evidently made it known that he wanted a truck to be driven up the route this week. This would hardly count as the promised ‘convoy testing’  – but it this has not happened yet, for good reason.

The road as a whole is not yet completed.

We understand that there is bridge strengthening still to be done, as has the completion of the soil nailing – which is weather contingent.

It will certainly help if the weather holds and the contractors are certainly not holding back in effort.

Next week may be a more likely proposition for the route opening – and the Minister will certainly be pushing for this to provide a bit of positive public relations for the A83 Taskforce meeting then.

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7 Responses to A83 diversion route may not be quite so near readiness as Transport Minister claimed

  1. What on earth has the A83 diversion route got to do with “Glen Coe”.
    I hope this was a typo and not another complete gaff by the incompetent transport minister.

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  2. Some strange people on here. Listen and listen well, if there were an election tomorrow for the Scottish Parliament then the SNP would win a landslide, for their poll ratings are actually even higher than they were when the won their historic victory in 2011.
    And Alex Salmond’s approval is head and shoulders above the puny opposition he has.
    The public have spoken, and will speak again when given the opportunity

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    • You think others are strange? What have future elections got to do with Glen Croe – or are you more auto troll than human, triggered by the magic word ‘landslide’?

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    • I have always voted SNP James but the way things are going if your scenario came to pass would the last person leaving Scotland please turn out the lights.Alex Salmond is only head and shoulders above the rest because the other party leaders are worse than useless as debaters and this has only made him more arrogant and convinced him that only he knows best.

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