First Minister losing track of time in response to Cameron EU speech

Scotland’s First Minister, Ales Salmond, seems to be losing touch with time.

Following the UK Prime Minster’s speech earlier today, promising an ‘in or out’ referendum on our EU membership by the end of 2017. Mr Salmond is reported as having been crowing in triumph ever since.

He says that the Cameron statement knocks a huge chunk out of the argument against a Scottish independence referendum.

There is now, though, no argument against Scotland holding a referendum. It is being facilitated. The process has been agreed between the UK and the Scottish Government.

Then the First Minister went on to say that the Prime Minster was being accused of destabilising business in the UK by setting the EU referendum so far ahead, leading to ‘years of uncertainty’.

He mocked the UK government for having said earlier themselves that the Scottish Government was damaging potential business investment in Scotland by causing years of uncertainty with its own referendum.

He then grinned and said: ‘And our referendum’s next year’, as if he had only just called it.

The reality is that when it first came to power in Scotland as a minority administration in 2007, the SNP government promised a referendum on independence during that first term.

Then the banks collapsed in 2008.

Strategic intelligence indicated the sense of announcing quickly that, because of the international financial crisis, the Scottish Government would postpone the independence referendum until a later stage, in the interests of the UK as a whole.

Mr Salmond, however, hung on, hoping still to squeeze it in, failing to realise that the depth of the financial crisis was a major game changer.

When he did postpone it, much later, it was from a position of weakness in running out of time and did harm to his cause.

Then, after the 2011 Scottish election victory as, bucking the system, a majority government, the First Minister announced that there would be a referendum on independence during this term – but gave no date.

When he was forced to put a date on it and said it would be in 2014, Scotland was then looking at three years to the vote. In fact, Scotland, the UK and the business community had been waiting for this date since 2007.

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2 Responses to First Minister losing track of time in response to Cameron EU speech

  1. If we are trying to draw comparisons and score points the main difference is that Cameron is trying to save his own skin attempting to prevent an internal revolt and appeasing the Eurosceptics within. The perfect analogy as one columnist recently quoted “This is not throwing a slab of red meat to the right – it is giving them the keys to the abattoir”.
    Salmond however offers us a referendum on whether we wish to gain Scottish independence or not, appeasing no one or thing except pro-independent voters and his conscience.

    I eagerly anticipate seeing the balance redressed regarding fairness and impartiality in our media. I hope to hear and read endless predictions of the pending economic uncertainty the damaging five year delay in this EU in or out referendum will cause.

    Of course there will be little or no mention of economic uncertainty in our ultra biased pro-union tabliods and news/political programmes. The uncertainty, the lack of foreign investment only exists and will continue to do so as a result of the independence referendum.

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  2. JnrTick the analogy of not throwing a slab of red meat to the right but giving them the keys to the abbatoir is a good one.

    This will be a bloodbath and the contagion will spread to Europe as the Tory right assail Europe in every way they can.

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