Ellis Cameron: New Year briefing

Ellis 2013 1

So the end of term came; I handed in my essay and sold all of my earrings for the Christmas sale (super chuffed about that!) and since the 14th December I’ve been at home.

However, although I’ve been on ‘holiday’ for the last few weeks, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been concentrating on studio work.

We were given 3 new briefs at the end of term, so I’ve been working on them through the holidays, as well as continuing with my Design Domain booklet/essay.

New Brief Number 1: Multiple Casting

Ellis 2013 2For this project we’re learning how to multiple cast objects.

I will make an object in silver, the press it into a rubber mould so the mould takes on the shape of the object.

This rubber mould will them be filled with wax, and these wax forms will be sprued up on the casting tree, and put in to be cast in silver.

It’s very similar to the casting project we did in second year, except that this time, instead of carving the object in wax to be cast, we’re creating rubber moulds of an object and we can use the mould over and over.

This is very handy if you want to make identical pieces, quickly and accurately.

For this project I’ve been looking at the idea of mass production and consequently things which AREN’T mass produced or easily recreated.

Ellis 2013 3

I started looking at this in relation to myself personally and began to consider the various bruises, cuts and marks I have on my body.

Ellis 2013 4

I’m a bit clumsy, and due to working in a technical studio, I quite often end up with little marks on myself.

Ellis 2013 5

So I decided to consider these organic marks, through photography, drawings and paintings. I then tried recreating some of the marks in clay, to try and draw a bit more 3-dimensionally.

Ellis 2013 6 Ellis 2013 7

The last photo above is a clay and string model. I’m still developing my ideas, and I’m really enjoying where this project is going so far.

New Brief Number 2: Mackintosh Competition

Ellis 2013 8

This is an optional brief, where entrants have to design a 2cm x 2cm motif or brooch based on the work and life of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Ellis 10b

We’ve to take a contemporary angle on the CRM designs.

Ellis 2013 10

I’m looking at the Macintosh Building on the GSA Campus.

Ellis 2013 11

I photographed smaller sections of the building, and have been drawing and painting from these photographs.

Ellis 2013 12

This is to help me to begin to find out what interests me most about the building and what I find so appealing.

Ellis 2013 13

It’s still in the early stages but it’s going well.

New Brief Number 3: Gemstone Competition

This competition hasn’t really started for me yet, as all we had to do is sign up online for the competition, and pay £5 to receive gemstones in the post, come later in January, to work from to design a piece of jewellery.

It’ll be good once I’ve got started, but at the moment it’s better to concentrate on the other projects.

Design Domain

For my Design Domain project I’ve chosen a working title, which is ‘How Important is Narrative Design in Contemporary Design?’

For this I’m looking at work which has a thought process, a backstory, a message.

I’m considering both my own work and the work of those around me – my lecturers, visiting speakers and artists in residence.

I’m getting on quite well with this too, I think, so I hope I’ll get it finished quite soon, as it’s handed in first!

So I’ve been doing lots, as well as enjoying my Christmas break; I hope you’ve all had an equally lovely New Year so far.

Ellis Cameron, Young in Argyll correspondent

The photographs accompanying this piece are by Ellis Cameron. An obviously talented artist, she is now half way through her third year at Glasgow School of Art, studying Jewellery and Silversmithing.

Ellis, from north Argyll, writes for us each month, showing her process in responding to the variety of conceptual and making challenges she faces.

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