Craignish Community Council votes to object to proposal for Ardfern affordable housing

A meeting of Craignish Community Council last night [23rd January] discussed the matter of the planning application for a mix of 6 affordable rented housing unitsĀ  and 5 units for sale on Church of Scotland land at The Glebe in Ardfern.

The meeting was chaired by Councillor Dougie Philand, invited to do so to ensure impartiality. The Chair of the Community Council has already lodged a personal objection to this application and therefore could not be seen as reliably objective in the role.

At the end of the discussion a vote was taken and resolved that the Community Council wold object to the application as a body – on the grounds that it deviated from the Community Council’s agreed local plan. This is for 100% affordable housing at The Glebe, rather than the mix which is the focus of the planning application.

A successful objection would see no prospect in the foreseeable future of the affordable housing the area badly needs.

There are people living in this area, through winter conditions, in temporary accommodation at the level of caravans.

It has to be a sad comment on skewed and inhumane priorities that people are prepared to object to a proposal fulfilling such a need on the grounds 0f a modest deviation from – a plan.

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4 Responses to Craignish Community Council votes to object to proposal for Ardfern affordable housing

  1. I had thought that nowadays mixed housing was preferred in order to prevent ‘ghetto-ising’ areas. I realise that 100% affordable housing would help a lot more people and that Ardfern is mostly expensive private houses, but surely some affordable houses are better than none. Perhaps there’s more to this than meets the eye?

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  2. Lowry. Indeed there is more to this. Much more. Minutes of the meeting will be published in the not too distant future. They will be placed on the CCC web site.

    A letter of objection will be sent to ABC in respect of the planning application. I assume this will be available to view on the ABC planning web site. The letter will explain in detail the history of this issue and the reasons for objection, together with proposals for an alternative site for the affordable housing, a site which already has planning permission for such housing.

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  3. ABC have an obligation to meet the housing needs for people in the local area. Although you want the affordable homes to be built elsewhere, it would in ABC interest if affordable homes were built in both areas.

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  4. Kay L. I am not going to get into an online debate when AFAIK the information I mentioned above is not yet available to all. Suffice it to say that, when you read the relevant documents you will see that it is not the ‘affordable’ homes that are being objected to.

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