A83: back on landslide alert

[Update 22.45 7th January: Warnings now removed.] This evening, 6th January 2013, Transport Scotland put the Rest and Be Thankful section of the A83 back on warning of increased risk of landslides.

Drivers and road users are advised, as usual, that they must exercise extreme caution when travelling along this section of the road.

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8 Responses to A83: back on landslide alert

  1. The hazard lights were flashing at 11.30 on sunday morning, so perhaps they’re on sometimes when there isn’t officially a problem, or there’s a problem but not officially – or the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing.

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  2. How are the lights activated Robert. Is it by movement and other sensors with provision for manual operation after engineering review. What’s your engineering assesment of the current warning system? If you think the left hand doesn’t know what the other is doing, then queetions must be asked.

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    • I don’t know exactly how the lights are activated, but surely the same system should be used to simultaneously activate the big warning signs on the A82 and flag a warning on the traffic website.

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      • Robert W, slope failures are a common feature of geotechnics and a source of ongoing difficulty, as travellers on the A83 will know only too well.

        I don’t know exactly how Transport Scotland monitor the slopes at this failure prone section of the A83 but monitoring can be done on the basis of equipment that measures movement, pore pressure and in relation to the former this can include radar.

        Slope failures usually occur when there has been heavy rain since this increases pore pressure, hydrostatic head, whilst lubricating potential slip planes.

        Assesment of potentail failures can be visual but equally high tech equipment is also used to monitor what is going on, and hence my earlier comments about man and or machine.

        Something to maybe research because slope instability is a probelmatic issue, or at least can be, even on new build roads where things have not settled down

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        • However it’s monitored, my question is howcome the warning lights can be flashing when the Traffic Scotland website and roadside message signs stay silent?

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  3. Robert W. Can I suggest that you raise your technical and operational issues with Transport Scotland. They are the professionals and it is TS who installed the monitoring equipment, not you, me or any of the other travellers on that weary climb.

    As to whether the bells and whistles were ringing at the Rest and Be Thankful but not on the Edinburgh By Pass I couldn’t comment not being in the two places at the same time.

    No doubt you can advise them of their being unable to let the left hand know what the right is doing, so that they can react accordingly.

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    • What’s the Edinburgh Bypass got to do with it? – I was just commenting on official confusion over the information provided on the safety status of the Rest.

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  4. The A83′s back on landslide alert this morning – or is it?
    The lights are flashing, but the official traffic websites and variable message signs make no mention of it.

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