Wind Wise petition update

Wind Wise Radio whose petition at  ['First Minister Alex Salmond: Stop the reckless siting of wind turbines in Scotland's scenic landscapes'] is thanking those who have signed and added comments to the petition.

Updating on progress, they say: ‘Almost 450 comments have been submitted; and we have almost reached an important milestone — 1,000 signatures – from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Brazil, Zimbabwe…. the list goes on.

‘We are working on plans to hand deliver the petition along with the comments to Alex Salmond. We will post details as they become available.

‘Meanwhile, we really NEED your help to get this petition into the hands of more people.

‘Please post a link to the petition on your facebook pages along with a personal plea to help. If you manage a blog, or website, try to find a spot to mention this. The more signatures, the larger the impact this effort will have.’

You can sign the petition here.

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18 Responses to Wind Wise petition update

    • Chris,

      I couldn’t care less who is behind it. The fact that it is trying to shove the reality of widespread public disgust with wind turbines down Salmond’s throat is good enough for me. However, looking at the unprofessional nature of the video, I’d say that it has taken virtually no funding to create. The more people like this the better.

      John 22

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      • Is there really “..wide-spread public disgust..”?
        You may think so, but I would’nt bank on that. Considering that the petition is from a few countries and they are having to advertise! I would also note that the Scottish Government are encouraging more local, community based turbines indicates that their position is not totally as stated.

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        • Id say that certainly in my area in the west coast of Scotland there is certainly a genuine fear that turbines will be marching towards us very soon. Having visited friends near Aberdeen the sole topic of conversation seems to be about them – 95% not complimentary. So yes, I’d say there is wide spread public disgust in rural Scotland. The community factor is also nonsensical; many of the reasons folks are against turbines have nothing to do with who owns them. Its due to the damage they do to BnBs and the fact they are noneffective.

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  1. Chris / George – where have you been all year ? ForArgyll have covered this subject in so much detail already that surely nobody could still be in favour of inefficient Wind Farms . As far as funding is concerned – to my knowledge none of the 40 odd local protest groups that are fighting hard to protect their landscapes in Scotland receive any form of financial backing – but suggest you want to build a wind farm and you will get all ££££ help possible – check out the Rosneath situation where every form of tax payers/government funding has been milked.
    My own efforts in supporting the cause take this form-Turn up the sound :-

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  2. Exciting stuff – only two days after this article appeared, this obscure Australian bush-telegraph petition has garnered a whopping 373 new signatures! From a global population of only 7,000,000,000 !!

    You would have to wonder why this outback outfit from the other side of the world is taking such an interest in Scotland’s renewable energy project. I wonder if the pace and ambition of Scotland’s RE targets is starting to make the global anti-wind ‘movement’ sit up and take fright – the last thing they want is to see a country successfully implementing a 100% renewables policy without blowing itself up, vibrating all its citizens into a slow painful death, or having its lights go out. :-)

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    • Take fright? 100% renewables? That’s a laugh! For every installed MW of wind there has to be a MW of reliable energy to stop the lights going out. We pay for the wind and we pay for the backup. What an economic nightmare. Ask the millions in fuel poverty how they feel about paying for inefficient wind energy. I support anything that tells Salmond to stop his insane energy policy.

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    • What a silly comment on so may levels.

      None of the anti wind majority (I prefer to see pro wind as a movement, or a cult, perhaps?) is being paid by fossil fuel focused energy companies. We are merely normal people who dislike the massive impact they have on Scotland’s globally celebrated scenery/ dislike the fact that all winds merits are actually falsified/ dislike the fact our energy bills are going up because of this wind fad.

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      • I’d like to see some support for your assertion that the majority are anti-wind. Surveys seem to suggest quite the opposite. Any reply based on “everyone I talk to…” doesn’t count.

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        • I’ll support ‘Jimmel’ here. Every survey I find about support for wind is made by and for ‘green’ energy companies. If you look at planning applications for turbines the comments are always negative. Nobody passionately supports turbines in any application I’ve seen.

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  3. ANYTHING that stops Dictator Eck and his cronies cover MY country with these inefficient ugly monstrosities is worth supporting.

    Scotland has long been at the forefront of renewable energy with hydro power and can lead the way with tidal power which is unobtrusive and very efficient.

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  4. Unfortunately there are no anti turbine groups in the cities. They only see the odd picture or short TV clip of wind farms with the usual propaganda about how they are saving the world by cutting CO2 emissions which WE all now know is utter rubbish. But as always, Scottish politics are governed by the city housing schemes vote.

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