Two awards for Mount Stuart

Hudson’s Heritage Awards 2012 have just seen Bute’s glorious Mount Stuart House awarded two of them:

  • Best Wedding Venue – and Stella McCartney can testify to that one;
  • Best Shopping Experience
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6 Responses to Two awards for Mount Stuart

  1. That’s great. This is total justification for this tax avoidance operation continuing to receive tax breaks at public expense.

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    • Oh give it a break! Your tiny and unrepresentative group of land redistribution activists just make those of us who live outside the Central Belt yawn.

      You’re clearly sore that Whightman’s wee loony left plan crashed and burned; you need to get over it.


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      • I don’t live in the Central belt and I’m not yawning either. Could it be W.S. who is unrepresentative of anybody except W.S.? Or do you think it is acceptable that control of so much land is in the hands of the few?

        But credit where it is due, Mount Stuart House is to be congratulated.

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        • ***”Could it be W.S. who is unrepresentative of anybody except W.S.?”***

          Try taking a look at the thumbs for your answer Andy, you won’t like what you see…..nor will Wightman now that he realises he only represents himself and a couple of other left wing middleclassers from Portobello.

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  2. ‘Best shopping experience’? – presumably within the realms of the heritage industry, but I’m surprised, because I thought that the monks of Buckfast Abbey had it sewn up – extensive and very tasteful (even pious) retail park, with abbey attached, in popular tourist area, doing a roaring trade flogging a wide range of religious items and a very impressive range of less religious but generally excellent food and drink sourced from monasteries far and wide.
    Backed up by an arm’s length booze marketing operation selling ‘tonic’ wine on an industrial scale to all and sundry, regardless of the end use that this mix of alcohol and caffeine is put to, particularly in (but not limited to) the more deprived parts of Strathclyde.
    Buckfast is such a class operation that I’m amazed that anyone else could beat them in the ‘Heritage retail experience’ stakes.

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