Share and create ’50,000 Reasons to Visit Argyll and the Isles’

In what looks like the most exciting and ambitious initiative in the coming year, Argyll and the Isles Apps are helping to kick start the Year of Natural Scotland 2013.

They have just launched their ’50,000 Reasons to Visit Argyll and the Isles’ project with a promotional video.

Published on You Tube, the video explains how anyone can become part of this project by uploading their photos onto the app.

By the end of 2013, this will have become a snapshot of how - in this place that exemplifies every aspect of Natural Scotland - we worked and played, visited, stayed, ate and drank.

So if a favourite day out is spent on a beach eating ice cream, wild swimming, diving, taking a wildlife boat trip, climbing or castling  - the photographs of Scotland’s checkmate of Argyll and the Isles can be shared with the world.

It’s easy to do [it has to be]: email

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing make sure Year of Natural Scotland 2013 is a year to remember for you and for everyone.  There’s no limit to the number of photos and videos you can upload and the project is open to everybody from anywhere who is in this stunning and accessible part of the world [75 minutes from glasgow airport] during 2013.

There will be sports from bowling to triathlon, events from regattas to highland games, experiences from:

  • star gazing in the dark sky venue of The Putechan Hotel in Kintyre,
  • watching the magic of the Lochgilphead Lantern Parade,
  • eating and drinking the Best of the West and being blown away by the music at that Festival in Inveraray,
  • sea kayaking round Bute,
  • witnessing the artistry of architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh at Hill House in Helensburgh,
  • toasting one of many drams in Islay,
  • or visiting artists and craftsfolk at work with Artmap Argyll or Cowal Open Studios.

And that’s only skimming the surface.

Argyll and the Apps founder Catriona Craig says: ‘50,000 Reasons to Visit Argyll and the Isles is our most ambitious project yet.  We aim to build a map of Argyll and the Isles through your photos.

‘Starting on 1st January with the ringing in of New Year, right through to Hogmanay 2013 we will capture a year in pictures.

‘I believe this is the first time anything of this nature has been done in the area and I’m very excited that Argyll and the Isles Apps is launching it in Scotland’s special year.

‘But don’t just take my word for it, look at the video and make up your own mind.  Remember, you can also follow us on Twitter @Argyll_IslesApp.’

50,000 Reasons to Visit Argyll and the Isles,a living, breathing photo album by the people who live here and the people who visit.

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11 Responses to Share and create ’50,000 Reasons to Visit Argyll and the Isles’

  1. I’ve always been a bit cynical about the self serving tourism efforts of local bodies but this seems a genuinely brilliant and new idea. The idea of visitors being able to submit their photo’s to the APP should turn tourists into salespeople once they return home.

    Having just viewed the sample video, was also quite relieved not a single shot revealed any windfarms!

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  2. Chortle!!

    But I do believe this could eventually become quite a serious problem. Argyll – nothing but wind farms and a few rich people. Visitor accommodation dramatically reduced as owners become unable to afford energy bills and tourists go elsewhere.

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  3. Anyone within 75 minutes of Glasgow? That excludes a load of Argyll then. You’ll miss out on Mull for example which has amazing wildlife experiences.

    Come on! Tell them to get their act together or wake up to the realities of travelling around Scotland in general and Argyll in particular!!

    How is this being funded? I’m sure there will be a few more than angry with 75 minutes away limit.

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  4. I drove from Glasgow Airport to Oban in 75 minutes once.

    I’ve got my license back now.

    Furan an t-aoidh a thig, greas an t-aoidh tha fàlbh.

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  5. To Jade,
    I don’t think you have taken the 75 miles in the context it’s written in. I think, and I didn’t write it, that in context, would be taken as you would be in Argyll from 75 minutes from Glasgow airport which is correct. It doesn’t suggest as you do that you can travel to every point within 75 minutes? You can actually only do that on the App including To Mull.

    Now that you bring it up we have just set up a Wildlife Tourism category after feedback and some like minded wild life supporters actually from Mull. We would hope that the App will never be finished as it should be changing to reflect trends and interests and life in Argyll and the Isles.

    We have produced three videos that will help you understand more about what we are trying to do. Have a look

    As for funding all our App projects are privately funded. We have not applied for any public funding to date.

    We have been using Dec / Jan to carry out some major upgrades to happen early 2013 if you have any ideas that would help make it better, just drop us an email

    I thought that we may have been pulled up for only say 50.000 reasons to visit Argyll and the Isles of which we know there are many more!

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    • In fairness, the best I’ve managed was 46 minutes from the Airport. But it involved a quiet motorway and catching the last ferry by the skin of my teeth.
      Once – a very long time ago – did Campbeltown in 2 hours from Glasgow in a sorted Lotus Elan. Dunno if that counts.

      There’s a Christmas challenge to all those who post behind a non d’plume?
      What land speed records can you NOT talk about?

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  6. Seriously, though… “NATURAL” Scotland?! Yeah, right on, capture it next year, virtually or indeed in your brain, just any way you can — while you can.

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