Scottish Government allocates an extra £5m to roads

This is what infrastructural development appears to add up to in the eyes of the Scottish Government; and the Transport Minister has been making a major triumph of this.

It is costing around £2.4 million to surface the single track old military road in Glen Croe to act as an emergency diversion route for the landslide prone A83.

That gives everyone some idea of the difference a munificent £5 million spread across Scotland is going to make to our raddled trunk and motorway road system that is the responsibility of Transport Scotland.

The government is also today making it known that they want to see a curfew on young drivers to try to cut down the number of fatal accidents.

They might start with painting the marginal and centreline markings on the roads to make night driving safer before they restrict the freedom of movement of young people who have passed a test to gain a license to drive.

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26 Responses to Scottish Government allocates an extra £5m to roads

    • Knowing the SNP, they will just relable the tin. So the plan is that in the never never land of separation / independence, we take a couple of billion pounds from the hundreds of thousands of “benefit junkies” living in Scotland and put it in to our roads budget.

      We then increase taxes substantialy on the workers in Scotland to pay for the benefits that half the country has come to depend on while at the same time, reducing Corporation Tax and other taxes that multi-nationals pay so that Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, Brian Souter and Alex Salmond’s other millionaire friends can line their pockets further. There would be no social justice in Alex Salmonds independent Scotland. Thank God it will never happen.

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  1. Once we have independence….blah, blah, blah. Yet more pie in the sky – another gem from the deluded ‘jam tomorrow’brigade

    If anyone seriously thinks for one moment that the totality of the Scottish driver’s theoretical share of the road fund licence will cover all of the maintenance and development requirments the tens of thousands of miles of Scottish roads – then you are truly off your trumpet.

    Have a nice evening. :)

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  2. Yes, this extra spend is as a result of the Westminster purse string controller’s autumn budget announcement. I gather it will be used to resurface up to 30 kilometers of Scotland’s key roads including M8, particularly bad/ affected stretches.
    In theory this additional investment of 5 million should equate to 7.5 long term as the National road maintenance review claims that for every £1 spend on road repairs Scotland’s wider economy benefits £1.50. How this is calculated is beyond me but every little helps.
    What has been either intentionally or unintentionally eliminated from Newsroom’s report is that our Scottish government has already committed £655 million towards Scottish road maintenance for 2012-13, well earned Scottish taxpayer’s money being well spent creating and sustaining employment as well as (if the National review is accurate) generating an additional 50% of this spend as a result of the improvements.
    Just touching on Graeme’s point about road tax fund – a relatively small percent of our taxes is actually spent on roads, probably around 7% compared to say around 62% in education (depends which local authority) There is no road fund as such, our road tax is pulled, put into the pot in Westminster then divided up.
    I don’t think as Simon appears to claim, that Graeme is suggesting “all” maintenance would come from road tax income in an independent Scotland however, like all other decisions, we, Scotland would say how these incomes would be distributed rather than wait and see what we are given.

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  3. It intrigues me how people can talk politics on the subject of basic road maintenance as if this activity is optional; try that on maintaining rail track or airport runways (or your own car) and you could find yourelf in prison.

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  4. The newsroom statement that infrastructural development in the eyes of the Scottish Government equates to £5M could suggests that someone at the keyboard is taking the seasonal mick.

    Similarly, the comment that it is costing some £2.4 m to simply resurface the old road seems suggestive that Transport Scotland are not getting value for money is more of the same.

    How you take such comments depends one would guess on how much you have drunk, and as the good Mr McC opines, it reinforces to him the fact that only a miniscule amount of road licence duty is spent on roads.

    JR Tick, on the other hand takes the opportunity to opine that the SG has already commited around £650m to roads in the fiscal period 2012/2013, and a figure he probably knows would be much much greater were Scotland in Norway’s enviable economic position.

    So yes, hoary articles do elllucidate rational responses from folks who probably have’nt been on the drams, which drams deliver a not insubstantial export income to our alleged impoverished land.

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  5. I think the gist of Benashell and Simon’s comments are that we are in sh*** and we just have to accept that we are ordained to continue to be in it. How sad that they can’t be inspired; as for Newsie, what a tease!

    Happy New Year!

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  6. Graeme – do me a favour please and don’t try to put your own tartan-ribbon slant on my comments.

    Let’s have a bit of honesty here; the SNP have been deliberately vague about what a future independent Scotland would do on a whole range of issues. That leaves all of us in the dark about what will happen in practical terms should Scotland become independent.

    I certainly don’t fear independence but I don’t feel the need personally to shout ‘Freedom’ like some of the half-demented tartan-army types, neither do I feel the need to blame England and the English for all of Scotland’s problems. That said the only thing that is certain is that removing our English partners from our constitutional araangments does not automatically mean a bright fuutre for Scotland.

    So I for one would like to hear a lot more detail of the plans for what will happen after independence. And until I do when I see puerile, simplistic, nonsense like your first comment – I’ll react accordingly.

    Have a nice day :)

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    • “neither do I feel the need to blame England and the English for all of Scotland’s problems”

      Simon, how unfortunate that we still encounter these blatant inaccuracies, especially after some very pertinent and informative opinions, debate, issues, reporting on sites such as this and many many others, (maybe not so much in newspapers) but also radio & TV. This independence issue those of us who favour Scottish independence still gets intentionally blurred to imply that we are anti-English. If as you assume we blame the English then most would deduce we were anti-English, correct?.
      Is this accusation intentional? If so, it only drags this referrendum debate we face into the gutter.
      This is a constitutional issue based on governance, who makes decisions and for who’s benefit, not an oportunity to select the Welsh, English or N.Irish as our enemies although it is certainly a misguided attempt to further the puzzling ‘Better together’ cause by claiming otherwise.
      Surely we can get past all this shallow, yet poisonous anti-English finger pointing as it quite simply is no driving force in the pro-indepence side and yes, I’m sure you could cite a few examples of bigotry towards the English to shoot my point down but they will be extremely few and far between. The Scottish media, pro independence and nationalists do not highlight the fact that there will be a tiny bigoted element of anti-Scottish attitude from the Welsh, English & N.Irish.
      I have been in favour of an independent Scotland ever since I took the time to challenge my assumptions and investigate “the other isde’s” argument properly relatively recently having been in unquestionably in favour of the union until doing so. I have been converseing with many nationalists, locally, online, at meetings etc. and can genuinely say I have yet to hear “the English” or “England” blamed for anything, Westminster most certainly for reasons you and others are obviously conveniently tired of hearing or seeing pointed out.
      It is however time to make a grown up and very clear distinction between Westminster and nationality when highlighting pro-independence supporters of the apportioning of blame.
      If we are succesfull in achieving and independent Scotland come 2014 I and I’m sure a very high percentage of us north of the border would wish the remainder of the union (all of it’s citizens) all the very best in their pursuit to flourish just as we in Scotland aim to with our new and full weighty powers.

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      • Jnt Tick, “I’m sure you could cite a few examples of bigotry towards the English” well since it looks as though we’re agreed that I could do this – then obviously there’s no need for me to do so now.

        However, outwith the nasty bigotted comments, I think the anti-Englishness has become slightly more subtle. ‘Westminster’ for example has become a bit of a code-word for England/English. Everytime one of the SNP politicos uses the word ‘Westminster’ (always to blame ‘THEM’ for all of the budget cuts) you can almost hear the booing and hissing worthy of a Xmas panto from the SNP mob in the stalls.

        The truth is of course that it is in the SNPs interest that ‘Westminster’ becomes the scapegoat for all cuts. The SNP Govt could have intervened and used its discretionary powers to limit Council cuts in Scotland. However, it deliberately chose not to do because it could now conveniently lay all of ther blame at ‘Westmister’ whilst using its discretionary monies to commission their vanity Forth Bridge project.

        And yet when ‘Westminster’ actually does devolve additional ring fenced monies (excellent recent example the additional thalidomide monies ) the SNP Govt does not state this came from Westminster rather a smarmy Alex Neil claimed all the credit as he purred like the panto cat ‘this shows our commitment to thalidomide sufferers’. Total rubbish.

        Like you I would not like to see the independence debate become an excuse for stirring up some anti-English sentiment (subtle or otherwise) – so see if you can persuade the SNP politicos to stop it and start telling us what an independent Scotland might actually look like? Because I’m sure there are many more like me who don’t fancy buying a pig in a poke.

        Have a nice evening. ;)

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    • The SNP and honesty!! I agree with Simon. We are sick to the teeth of hearing that everything that is wrong with Scotland is the fault of the English / the Westminster Government. Are the English to blame for the serious drinking culture in Scotland? Are they to blame for the sectarianism that we see embedded in our culture? Are they to blame for the violent community that we live in and the high levels of domestic abuse and murders that are an everyday occurrence? The list goes on and on.

      It is time that we started taking responsibility for our own failings and the SNP stopped trying to blame the Westminster Government for everything that is wrong with Scotland. The only thing that they do not blame the Westminster Government for is the weather but I am sure they will find a way of doing that.

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  7. It appears in the Scotland on Sunday today, that Stephen Noon, chief strategist of the Yes campaign, has declared that the SNP could disband after independence – something already discussed on this website. Seeing as almost all those within the other parties are against independence, where does this leave us?
    On page 8 of the same paper, an article about flooding in Scotland blames Westminster for problems with insurance. However, as Scottish planners will have had their part to play in this problem, how will the SNP resolve matters, take responsibility and find funding to deal with the problem?
    I agree with Simon – there is a lot of detail lacking in the SNP’s view of an Independent Scotland.

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    • There is more detail lacking in the Unionists’ perception of an independent England – something they seem reluctant to contemplate.

      Gheibh an t-uaibhreach leigeadh an uair is àirde e

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      • Gorach, Alex Salmond will certainly get a fall along with the SNP in 2014 although by that time he will certainly not be at his highest as he has been on the slide for the past year.

        You seem to forget that England is not arguing for independence, it is only the SNP who want separation from the rest of the UK.

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  8. Yeah Gorach, now that’s an unusual take on things. Of course the reason that no one is contemplating an independent England is because nobody is actually proposing an independent England….

    Even if Scotland should leave the UK then the UK, in the shape of Wales, Northern Ireland and England will continue.

    Got it Gorach?

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    • Simples! Yeh, Westminster Govt. will say forget about oil revenues flooding into Westminster, just pretend we never received it, dead easy, carry on as normal.
      So, you can’t contemplate things if you are not proposing them? Whether the rest of the union are proposing standing on their own two feet, the fact remains whether you and others like it or not that they may just have to face life without Scotland and it’s consequences. They will very obviously be required to make those so far illusive contingency plans as Gorach quite rightly suggests in his post.

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    • Will it?

      Wales will send a paltry 30 MPs to Westminster after the next election. Apart from 16 Northern Irish MPs (quite a few of whom boycott the chamber), the only other inhabitants of the mouldering green benches would be the 502 English MPs.

      I imagine Scottish independence will lead to a dramatic resurgence for Plaid Cymru.

      Ceann mòr is casan caola, comharradh an droch ghamhain

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  9. It beats me why the SNP believe the Unionists should have a positive view on Independence. Surely, highlighting all the problems and consequences of something that the majority of the people of Scotland do not want is the Unionists’ role. It seems that because the SNP haven’t thought through their plans or policies they are now blaming those against Independence of being negative! Does the SNP actually do anything other than blame others when they can’t come up with any answers?

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    • But the Unionists keep telling us we are dependent, takers rather than contributors, too feeble to make our way alone.

      Why do they want us to stay so badly? Is it pity do you suppose?

      Cluinnidh am bodhar fuaim an airgead

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      • Gorach – who do you think the Unionists are? – you talk of ‘them’ and ‘us’ and ‘pity’ as if you think they all reside over the border. They don’t, do they? – and the national press has recently suggested that the majority of people over the border are quite probably not particularly bothered whether their northern neighbours stay or go.

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        • Robert, Gorach wants to forget that over 70% of the Scottish population are unionists and do not support the Nats independence / separation agenda. Only a small minority actually support the nationalist separation agenda.

          Why does Gorach always have to add silly gaelic comments at the end of each of his / her postings? Maybe trying to say that only the Nats with their silly minority language are true Scots. Time we just ignored his silly minority rantings.

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          • 70% of the Scottish population (I take it thats voting population?) are unionists? So, if the remaining 30% are supporters of Scotland doing what every other independent country does then where are the undecided? what % do they come into within the 100%? Have those in favour of us being baby sat claimed this % or are there only 15% in favour of Scottish independence and 15% undecided?

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  10. Too poor, too stupid, dependent upon London taxpayer largesse, an alien threat on Englans’s border, subsidy junkies, a country not entitled to hold a referendum ( well so said Westminster until recently) a racist and anti English populace. The compliments just keep coming from the better together unionist fraternity. Yawn.

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    • How sad when Willie Hutchison considers being called a “racist and anti English” as a compliment. I think that this tells us everything about him. It is most unfortunate that many other Nats also consider being called a racist or anti English as a compliment.

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