Nominate Argyll and Bute’s best teachers and schools for 2013 Scottish Education Awards

This is, of course, the season for stars to shine and the search is on for Argyll and Bute’s brightest and best education stars.

The 2013 Scottish Education Awards are aimed at top recognising teaching professionals and schools across Scotland.

These awards, celebrating hard work and innovation in Scottish classrooms, were opened for nominations after Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Michael Russell, launched the awards this week.

Mr Russell said: ‘It’s a great pleasure to once again be launching the Scottish Education Awards.  These Awards give us all an opportunity to recognise, share and celebrate the fantastic work that is going on in our schools and across the Scottish education sector. I hope schools, parents, pupils and teachers in Argyll and Bute will be inspired to think about  all of the great things that they are doing that could be shared with others through these awards.’

Lead Councillor for Education and Lifelong Learning at Argyll and Bute, Michael Breslin, said: ‘I am always impressed by the imagination and inspiration that is demonstrated by teaching professionals and the superb projects that are undertaken by pupils in the area.

‘Argyll and Bute Council has been very successful at these awards in the past and won two last year: one for Port Ellen Primary School for Learning through Technology; and another for Alison Robertson at Furnace Primary School, who won Educational Supporter of the Year.

‘We are all very proud of the work that goes on in our schools and those efforts should be highlighted across the country.  We would like to encourage local people to nominate their education stars for an accolade at the Scottish Education Awards 2013.’

Bill Maxwell, CEO of Education Scotland, said: ‘I’m delighted that Education Scotland is now playing a key role in promoting these prestigious Awards. The nominees will come from all over the country, put forward by other individuals who have noticed how much of a difference their efforts are making to the lives of our young people.

‘The Awards recognise innovation, persistence and achievement in our education system, and they celebrate the contribution of individuals who go the extra mile in what are sometimes the toughest of circumstances. Taken together, they are symbolic of the huge commitment of our highly professional education workforce and the learners they serve, a national asset in which all of Scotland can feel pride.’

The awards are open to all publicly funded schools, including secondary, primary, nursery and special schools. There are also categories – listed below – to recognise and reward the dedication of teachers, head-teachers and support staff across Scotland as well as parents as partners in learning.

Do you know a local school that shines within the community – or an exemplary teacher who motivates and nurtures pupils to become confident learners?

If so, this is your chance to ensure that deserving schools and education stars in Argyll and Bute are recognised.

For further information and to make a nomination visit the Scottish Educations Awards website here.

How the awards work

A specially selected panel of judges will select three finalists in each category [below].

The finalists will be invited to attend an awards ceremony on Tuesday 11th June 2013.

The 2013 Scottish Education Awards categories

  • Active Nation Award – schools and pre schools that have developed opportunities for pupils to be active.
  • Literacy Across Learning Award – schools and pre schools that have developed effective approaches to delivering literacy skills across learning.
  • Numeracy Across Learning – schools and pre schools that have developed effective approaches to delivering numeracy skills across learning.
  • Enterprise and Employability Across Learning (Primary & Early Years) – recognising schools and pre schools that are focusing on the development of enterprise and employability skills.
  • Enterprise and Employability Across Learning (Secondary) – recognising schools that are focusing on the development of enterprise and employability skills, including entrepreneurship, business and commerce.
  • Aiming High Award – schools and pre schools that are providing opportunities and removing barriers for children who require more sustained support.
  • Sustainable Schools Award – recognising schools and pre schools that have developed environmental awareness and sustainable development across all curriculum areas.
  • Global Citizenship Award – celebrating how pupils are being encouraged to be responsible citizens at a local , national and international level.
  • Learning Through Technology Award – schools and pre schools who are innovative in their use of technology to support learning and teaching.
  • Educational Supporter of the Year – recognising those who support children, young people, staff and the wider community.
  • Probationary Teacher of the Year – probationary teachers who are bringing learning to life for their pupils.
  • Teacher of the Year – celebrating teachers who are engaging and inspiring children and young people to fulfil their potential.
  • Headteacher of the Year – Headteachers that provide inspirational leadership and motivate staff to encourage staff, children and pupils to fulfil their potential.
  • Lifetime Achievement – open to all qualified teachers and headteachers who are approaching the end of their career to recognise their leadership, commitment and achievements.
  • Parents as Partners in Learning Award – parents who are playing an important role in education in schools and nurseries.
  • Gaelic Awareness Award – schools and pre-schools that are providing opportunities for children to develop awareness of Gaelic language and culture.

Note: The Scottish Education Awards 2013 iaremanaged by the Daily Record and delivered in conjunction with Education Scotland.

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3 Responses to Nominate Argyll and Bute’s best teachers and schools for 2013 Scottish Education Awards

  1. Under the category ‘Educational Supporter of the Year’ I would nominate Clelland Sneddon for his attempts to modernise school provision in Argyll and Bute.

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  2. For Teacher of the year surely Nan Johnstone at Oban High School must be in there for all her out of hours work supporting in so many ways the development of the young pipers and drummers in the schools Pipe Bands .I understand she is no a bad maths teacher as well.

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  3. For Simon and Alastair MacGregor: These nominations will be welcome – and it’s good to see them made public here.
    Please don’t forget to make them official nominations through the link in the article above to the Scottish Education Awards website.

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