Gift horse for SNP: Blair wants to save the union

You have to laugh – and the SNP must today be rolling around in the wide-mouthed fake guffaws of the Cadbury’s Smash Men their frontline trio of Salmond, Swinney and  Sturgeon regularly make of themselves at question time in Holyrood.

The messianic Tony Blair – he who sold democracy and many many lives for personal gain, the star of the political ponzi schemers – has made it known that he wants to save the union.

Of course he does. He’s probably heard a voice telling him to say unto us again.

If there is one contribution the union does not need and the SNP will rightly relish, it is the Bliar, waxing evangelical on its behalf – all shiny mock sincerity, simian grins, gasps, hiccups and teeth.

He is best possible recruiting sergeant for the Scottish independence proposition.

This man had a real job once, had people who believed in him and hoped because of him.

None of this meant anything to him then, compared with what he might use it to do for himself.

He was, in every way, the oil salesman.

This is a man who now has all the money he needs – if not enough to sate his greed – and wants to be important again.

He is already important.

He is the man who finally brought a once great party low, who reduced it to the level of following and not leading, to opportunism and  not principle. He is the man who gave many honest folk good reason to distance themselves from politicians, politics and the ballot box.

He worked hard for this importance. It is the measure of him. We need offer him no more.

This is one gift horse you have to look in the mouth. There never was anything else.

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13 Responses to Gift horse for SNP: Blair wants to save the union

  1. He felt the hand of history on his shoulder; a pity that history did not feel Tony Blair’s hand rifling in his pocket for money.

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  2. It’s a pity no one dares attempt a citizen’s arrest when he comes over the Border as Special Branch point their guns at everyone he comes close to and he’s wired up so that they hear every word spoken by anyone near him

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    • Very bald – and Blair merits nothing else.
      Sometimes it is necessary to be prepared to identify people who have genuinely done harm – and Blair is one of them.
      This is by no means a fact-free or evidence free judgment, while judgment it certainly is.
      Have you forgotten the uncounted Iraqi dead, sacrificed to the personal value of the Bush connection; the counted dead of our own armed services – pawns in the same game; and Dr David Kelly, the story of whose premature death remains to be told – and which on the evidence of a collection of medical experts who have put their names to their qualified opinion, cannot have been suicide?
      None of these are ‘matters of opinion’.

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      • I didn’t say I disagreed with it, in fact it is spot on. But you can’t call it a news article when you are expressing your own opinion so forcefully.

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          • For Argyll is descibed as a NEWS website.

            LH is described as ” Managing Editor, Main news correspondent” and works in the NEWSROOM.

            That should be a clue.

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        • Andy – we say upfront that we only sit on the fence when there is no better place to go.
          Being an online publication and having chosen to allow free comments from readers on stories, we are able to do this because all views can be expressed.
          Not to come to our own judgments in much of what we publish would be to fail to respond to and develop the key characterisrtic of the Internet – interactivity and exchange.
          And we show the reasons why we have come to our judgments, we don’t just scream an unevidenced ‘rubbish’. We start with the news and the facts and then see where they take us – and we include that journey to its conclusions.

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          • Newsroom:
            That’s fair enough,I did notice that in your statement of editorial policy but you make that decision. The site then becomes a blog rather than a news site and takes sides. What you publish will then be your opinion of a particular story.
            If that is the way you want to go then that is fine but you are leaving yourself wide open to criticism when somebody disagrees with your slant on a story. Some of that criticism will no doubt be personal.
            You realise, of course, that you have declared an open season on newsroom. :-)

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  3. I think most folk know exactly what Blair stands for.

    And as for his chancellor Brown, together they fullfilled a policy that would not have been out of place in the 1930′s.

    Illegal wars, mass slaughter and an unswerving support for big business chums. Ask Lord Mandy.

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  4. I have to agree with Newsroom here, Blairs involvement in throwing his weight behind support of the union can only lead voters away from a ‘No’ vote. His name is and has been since Iraq toxic, synonymous with deceipt.
    We’ve won a watch and I for one relish his alignment to ‘Better together’ and his input, sure to plant seeds of doubt in the merits of this side of the debate.
    I had a big grin at the news of Blair’s intentions accompanied by just as big a grin at the Smash reference, good stuff, takes me back.

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  5. For Andy re news… just because it’s listed under the “news” tab means its “news” Aye right. Have a look at the “sports” articles listed under the “sports” tab, then argue that they’re “sport”

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  6. The icing on the proverbial cake for the SNP will be when all of those Tory grandees from the 80s weigh-in on the side of unionism too. Of course the No campaign might be more astute than that, but somehow at this point I think not. 2014 looks like being an extraordinary year by Jinkies!

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