Ellis Cameron: end of term manic magic

ellis dec 7

This month has been another busy one. I’ve been finishing my two competition projects, getting everything ready for our Silversmithing & Jewellery [S&J] annual Christmas Sale, working on my essay and on my other design domain project.

Silversmithing Competition

I’m all done for this project; I created 4 drinking vessels, a dish and a tray, all based on my tracing paper model forms of how gin interacts within itself in a glass.

Ellis Dec 3

These designs were then created using Rhino, an orthographic drawing programme, as well as making models which demonstrated the forms of the work in 3-D.

Ellis Dec 4

As well as the usual sketchbook work, I have to send off 4 A2 boards for this competition – first two above, three and four below;

  • Board 1 – Research Images, research drawings and thoughts.
  • Board 2 – Developmental drawings, card models, wire models and paper models.
  • Board 3 – Renders on Rhino of the finished designs, as well as a photograph of my 3-D models.
  • Board 4 – The orthographic drawings I created of all six pieces on Rhino.

Ellis Dec 5

It’s been a lot of work, but it’s very satisfying when it’s all done to have a look through it and see how much you’ve achieved.

Ellis Dec 6

Craftsmanship Competition

Ellis Dec 2We only needed one A3 board to send off for this competition.

For my board I chose to send off a 1:1 scale paper collage of my finished neckpiece, alongside a description of the neckpiece and its materials and components.

The description reads:

‘This is a full scale model of the neckpiece.

‘The gemstones are 20mm fluorite cabochons stones and the sheet metal is white baked silver.

‘The stones are set using rub over settings, with the back of each setting pierced out to allow for light to interact with the stones.

‘The silver sheet metal is textured to evoke ideas of the linear qualities within the fluorite stones.

‘The silver sections are riveted together to allow movement and parts of these sections flow around, behind and on top of the stones, to reference the Latin definition of fluorite; ‘to flow.’

Christmas Sale

Ellis Dec 1Our S&J Christmas Sale runs from the 27th November to the 7th December, 10am-5pm, Monday to Friday. All the pieces are priced from £10-£35, and it is all work from 2nd, 3rd, 4th years, as well as our Artists in Residence, Technicians and Lecturers.

I’ve made red enamelled and oxidised earrings; selling them for £18 a pair (14 pairs for sale) so pop along if you’re in Glasgow, or order some via For Argyll for Christmas. [Ed: Any email order sent to our Contact email address above - with 'FAO Ellis Cameron' in the subject line -  will be passed on to Ellis immediately.]

The Essay

My essay is now on its billionth draft and getting closer to how I want it to be.

I have really enjoyed my art writing elective; it has been so interesting, insightful and useful – I hope there is a similar elective I can take next term, as it has really opened up my eyes to different types of art writing, and helped strengthen my own work.

Design Domain

As part of my on-going design domain topic, I’ve been researching narrative based jewellery, what I think of it, what other designers think of it, my influences, lectures which have influenced my train of thought, etc.

I’m still developing my ideas but it’s been really interesting so far.

Ellis Cameron, Young in Argyll correspondent.

Ellis is a third year student in Silversmithing and Jewellery at Glasgow School of Art; and the photographs accompanying the article are her own.

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2 Responses to Ellis Cameron: end of term manic magic

  1. Hi Ellis, the design process is really interesting, enjoyed reading this update. The earrings look to have what reminds me of a term called flambe similar to a glaze applied to some of Royal Doultons ceramics, really nice. Will you be putting your final design of the neckpiece into manufacture as a picture of the finished article on here would be good to see.
    I don’t suppose the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year student’s work is accessable online anywhere or is it only able to view at GSA? Would be good to have a look at all of the exhibits.
    Good luck with sales of your work, I remember student life, costs of materials etc. and how tight funds were.

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  2. Thank you for commenting and for all your positive thoughts! The neckpiece unofortunetely wont be getting made, at least at the moment, as it was purely a design competition. I think it would be something good to revist at some point though when I have some spare money to make it!
    Unfortunetely the work is not currently available to view online – hopefully it will be next year though, as a lot of people have asked me about online viewing. Thank you again for all the kind words.

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