Corby byelection result good news for Labour

The good news for Labour in taking back the constituency of Corby in the recent byelection, is not just the win and the respectable 12% swing in the vote – but the turnout. Against a 15% turnout for the election of the new Police and Crime Commissioners, 44% of the voters in Corby came out to vote for what they wanted.

This evidences the will to vote where there is a felt reason to do so.

The hugely self-regarding Louise Mensch, who took the seat for the Conservatives in the last election, piqued at not getting promotion to grandstand even more, forced the byelection by resigning her seat to spend more time with her family. Most of her time had been spent with the television stations, of which she seemed to be in permanent orbit.

The people of Corby have gone back to Labour. Of course they have rejected the current government, with Labour retaking the seat and UKIP taking a strong third place, shoving the LibDems down a peg – but they have also voted for the serious constituency representation for which voters primarily cast their vote.

The last twist is last night seeing the egocentric Mensch, bagging yet more self-publicity by ‘taking the blame’ for the result.

‘Taking the blame’ did not involve any acceptance that she had been a disengaged MP.

It was her way of asserting  that she alone could have held the seat, had her family’s needs not forced her into premature resignation – a fully delusional but self-serving interpretation.

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4 Responses to Corby byelection result good news for Labour

  1. Congratulations to the Labour candidate in Corby on his win.
    I see the Conservatives won a by election council seat off Labour in Dumfries and Galloway on Thursday making them the biggest party on that council , with the SNP having a very poor result .

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  2. Governments always get a drubbing at byelections; add in a metrocentric flibbertigibbet MP who makes a puddle look deep and meaningful and it was always going to be a disaster for the tories. The PCC elections are a travesty; I take no more significance from the Corby result than I do the fact a tory beat fatty Prescott on Humberside.

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  3. “….resigning her seat to spend more time with her family.”

    Be fair (which is not like me when it comes to the Tories!) her man’s in the USA….

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