Very disturbing footnote in Panorama Savile programme

There was a new and most disturbing note in last night’s BBC Panorama programme on the ever unfolding story of Jimmy Savile’s paedophilia.

One of the two original investigative journalists working on the original and pulled Newsnight programme, the much awarded Meirion Jones, was talking about Duncroft School, the site of a running swathe of Savile’s predatory abuses of young girls.

Jones mentioned that this school – an ‘approved school’ for disturbed girls – had an aunt of his as its head and that he visited it to see his aunt from time to time in his own youth.

He described Duncroft then as ‘a very strange place, full of celebrities and minor members of the Royal family’.

Everyone now know just why Jimmy Savile visited Duncroft, the astonishing freedoms he was given there and the extent to which young girls were actively encouraged to sit on his lap and go out with him in his car, with no questions asked.

But what on earth were ‘celebrities’ [a noted plural] and ‘minor members of the Royal family’ doing in paying visits to an approved school for girls and to this particular approved school for girls?

Anyone remotely familiar with the awful story of Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast will see disturbing parallels in this glimpse of Duncroft.

Kincora Boys’ Home was effectively run as a dark treat for a select group of high ranking gay paedophiles in paramilitary, intelligence and government circles – including Whitehall and including the UK’s chief spy of the day, Maurice Oldfield; and used as an instrument of blackmail.

Where will this Savile story end and how much did it encompass?

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10 Responses to Very disturbing footnote in Panorama Savile programme

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  2. Yes agreed. This whole episode absolutely stinks from Savilles known involvement in inappropriate behaviour towards minors to his death. Surely questions must have been asked as to why these so called celebrities wanted access to these premises in the first instance. The children, their peers, their parents, gaurdians, police, Savile’s friends and associates, police, BBC all must have known of Sa vile’s pervertions. Surely Savile’s family too must have had serious suspicions of the years as they have shown little if any protestations regarding his guilt. It will be interesting to see what the coming months bring with regards to other victims coming forward with claims of similar abuse committed by other celebrities as this may have been the norm for this type of egocentric.

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  3. Isn’t it time for Mr Jones to reveal the names of the ‘celebrities’ and ‘minor’ royals? who visited the approved school.

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    • It’s certainly time that there was BBC / police / government reaction to this comment, because whether or not there’s any substance to it the genie’s escaped the bottle and the public is now wondering just how far the rot extended / extends into the corridors of power and privilege.

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  4. There must be a full inquiry into why the Home Office and the Courts and the Police took young girls from their parents and enprisioned them in Duncroft where they could be abused by Paedophiles.

    Read more about how they cover it all up. This puts the background to just how they silence those who know about high level paedophiles The full article can be found on

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    • Bann thanks for recommending this link – everyone should read it. Explains why Jimmy Saville got away with extensive peadophelia with cheerful impunity for decades. An evil network of corruption in Police and the Establishment facilitating the abuse of innocent children.

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    • Inquiries are a waste of time. All they do is cover things up officially. Who can be trusted to appoint the inquirers and set the terms of reference of the inquiry? The rot and corruption is ingrained in the establishment in this country, and I would include Scotland too. Hints have been dropped that Dunblane was a lot more than a psychopath with a gun but we will never know because all the background details have been sealed for 100 years, something that is usually done in extreme circumstances to protect “important people”.

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  5. Breaking news: St John International head office in London have this week made the decision to grant awards to two known members of a paedophile gang in New Zealand. The awards are to be presented by the Queen’s representative in NZ, the Governor General.

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  6. If there really is a hundred year embargo on revealing some of the circumstances surrounding Dunblane then that surely is likely to be putting petrol on the flames.

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